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EooD Session 25: Emergency Orders

General Summary

Month 1, Week 2, Year 901
A week after the assassination of High Marshal Jalil Hafiz by drow rebels, many in Rakka still lived in uncertainty over whether their nation would go to war with The Verschow's dark elves or not. Jalil's daughter Proserpine Hafiz was set to take the throne as the nation's new High Marshal, but in the meantime acting High Marshal Father Eli Anderson was making a name for himself as a passionate antiwar leader in a militaristic kingdom. For days on end Father Eli traveled by rail to every major city in western Rakka, giving speeches to crowds numbering in the tens of thousands warning them against devilish influence in their homeland and the disastrous consequences of a war with the drow.    From Delmascar to Rel-Avery Father Eli's sermons resonated with a significant part of the population, supported by members of the kingdom's temple of the Ageless One and a newly-reformed Regulated Steel militia in Rel-Kadrar. Rakka's ruling military council made it clear to Father Eli that his days as High Marshal were numbered, but the preacher-turned-leader vowed to do everything he could to stop his homeland from playing right into the hand of the devil Naberius.    It was for this reason that Father Eli found himself renting a private booth at the seedy tavern Clankers on the edge of Rel-Kadrar's industrial district. He'd been in contact with several talented adventurers seeking to make a difference in Rakka, and he needed as many allies as possible in Rakka's most dire moment. The group he gathered was no Rakka's Heroes, but given the adventuring group's deadly track record perhaps that would be for the best.    Troubled thoughts of Rakka's future swam through his head as he waited for the heroes to arrive, flanked by a couple of the warforged guards inherited from his predecessor High Marshal. Jael Hainaut showed up first, flanked by an off-putting gnome named Seizer who seemed to laugh at the most inopportune moments. Jael, despite her dark elf lineage, was very interested in preventing an all-out war with Rakka that would no doubt leave The Verschow in ruins. She had reason to believe that House Baudissin, the Verschow's ruling family, was making deals with fiends like Naberius to plunge the region into a disastrous civil war so the devil could add more souls to his layer of the Nine Hells. Seizer, owing a life debt to the dark elf noble, was forced to tag along for the mission.    Two other adventurers also volunteered for Father Eli's bold mission. Skyler Pine, a flamboyant aasimar and a native of the Alharu Basin like Father Eli, was compelled by his deva guide to seek out the preacher and help him with his dire mission. Similarly, a kuo-toa named Poolp Goodhunter found himself hundreds of miles from Sardivelia compelled by visions that Father Eli was a kuo-toa with a deep connection to his ancient kuo-toa ancestors. He carried a barrel on his back, a sleeping place and home during long adventures.   With the so-called Dark Souls assembled, Father Eli explained the gravity of the situation to the party and the short amount of time the party had to complete their mission. In a week-and-a-half Eli would be forced to relinquish his title to Proserpine Hafiz, leaving him powerless to stop a war between Rakka and the Verschow. The party's job would be to find a way to eliminate Naberius' influence in the Verschow, similar to how Rakka's Heroes dealt with the devilish conspiracy in Rakka. Once eliminated, both sides could be brought to the negotiating table to find some way to reconcile their centuries-long feud.    The Dark Souls were given a day to explore Rel-Kadrar, picking up supplies (and lovers in Skyler's case) before their long journey through the Underdark. Even with Jael and Seizer's familiarity with the region, it'd still be a ten-day journey to the region's capital of Dromire. At sunrise the party explored the vast wastelands on the outskirts of Rel-Kadrar, enlisting the help of a local bugbear named Thrusk to help them navigate their way to the nearest portal to the Underdark.    The party was forced to spend several awkward minutes in an industrial elevator with a goblin miner to access a remote portal into the region's Underdark, the goblin cynical that little would change the material situation for goblinkin in Southern Pescat. He begrudgingly showed them the portal, and with that the party began their adventure into the pitch blackness of the Underdark.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Father Eli Anderson - former adventurer and acting High Marshal of Rakka. He tasked the Dark Souls with traveling into the Underdark to stop Naberius' devilish conspiracy
  • Thrusk - a bugbear bellhop who knows all of Rel-Kadrar's goings-on. He led the party to a mine on the edge of town with a portal to the Underdark
Report Date
17 Nov 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players

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