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The capital of Rakka. Built on a vast plain with the Bahamut Mtns. to its north, any potential invaders can be spotted from miles away by the town’s expert fortifications. No nation has been able to conquer the city, but King Constell II of Gameth came close during his conquests of the 490's in the 4th Cycle.


  • 73% Tiefling
  • 5% Aarkocra
  • 4% Goblinoid
  • 4% Dragonborn
  • 1% Drow
  • 1% Yuan-Ti
  • 12% Other Races


Delmascar has more railway lines than any other city in Pescat, connecting it with Rel-Kadrar and beyond.


After hundreds of thousands of tieflings were banished from the Elflands Empire in the early years of the 3rd Cycle, those who survived the treacherous chaparral founded the city of Delmascar as a haven from the monsters lurking in the Alharu Basin. The region's unforgiving landscape trained generations of tieflings into hardened soldiers, planting the seeds of a Rakkan ideology founded on self-preservation and conquest.    Delmascar expanded in size as tieflings flocked in droves to the safety of the city gates, providing Rakka's founders with a large pool of soldiers and settlers to pull from as it began its military campaigns in earnest. Within a matter of decades Rakka stretched for thousands of miles across the treacherous wastelands south of the Bahamut Mtns,  becoming one of the largest nations in Pescaliat by the middle of the 3rd Cycle.    Despite centuries of warfare and unrest, Delmascar remained the undisputed capital of the tiefling kingdom of Rakka. The city never experienced the indignity of conquest by a foreign army, granting the capital with an opportunity to bolster its defenses and become the most fortified city in Southern Pescat. Disease and disaster would take their course through the city, but no siege could break the impregnable gates of Delmascar.    To this day Delmascar has more in common with world capitals like Havre and Iverburg than it does with the frontier outposts of its empire, secure from foes both foreign and domestic. The city is on the cutting edge of technological advancement, its buildings reaching dozens of stories high into the sky stacked with amenities unimaginable just a century prior. Rakka's leaders would have its rivals believe that all of Rakka prospers just as Delmascar does.
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