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The capital of the kingdom of Glace, this frigid city sees more snowfall than any other settlement in Pescat . Human buildings push up right against dwarven forts and elven castles in a clash of architectural styles.


  • 28% Human
  • 26% Dwarven
  • 20% Elven
  • 10% White Dragonborn
  • 16% Other Races


Old Elven Outpost

Iverburg was settled by the elven Tomic family, distant relatives to the Avon Imperial Family of the Elflands. For centuries they oversaw mining operations in the Toothless Mtns (using the labor of the local dragonborn and dwarven populations) and shipped the precious metals back to Kassædeia, but relations began to deteriorate as the Elflands government demanded higher and higher productivity. Frustrated by high taxes and a lack of representation in the Elflands government, the Tomic family convinced the other elven families in the region to rebel against the Elflands during the Second Elflands-Rakkan War and establish their own kingdom called Glace. Iverburg was chosen as its capital and has remained the center of Glacian politics for over 1,300 years.  

Modern Iverburg

Iverburg is a quiet town compared to many world capitals. Most of Glace's trading and commerce occurs in the cities of Poroshenko and Tymoshenko, while most inhabitants of Iverburg are either career politicians or operators of the mines in the nearby Toothless Mtns. This arrangement keeps Iverburg insulated from the unrest and crime that often comes with port cities and trading posts.   In 898 the city hosted governments from all over Pescaliat for the drafting and signing of the Treaty of Iverburg.
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