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A fortified city to the south of Glace bordering the Free State of Thorvald. The town protects Glace’s access to the Southwest Passage and Arrayas Ocean from any potential invasions by the kingdom of Rakka.


  • 32% Dwarven
  • 26% Human
  • 20% Elven
  • 3% White Dragonborn
  • 1% Tiefling
  • 18% Other Races


Small trading posts had existed all along Glace's southern border for centuries, but it wasn't until the Free State of Thorvald was founded in 472 that Glace began investing heavily into fortifying and developing the city of Tymoshenko. With a rival nation to the south eager to undermine Glace's monopoly of the Southwest Passage's shipping routes, Tymoshenko became a hybrid fortress/port city to deter would-be invaders. Apart from a handful of border skirmishes and the occasional gnoll attack, Tymoshenko's fortifications have kept the city secure for several decades.
Large town
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