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A port city situated on the Strait of Myltev between Liat and Pescat. The town’s owned by the kingdom of Glace to ensure that no pirates cut off this vital trade point.


  • 34% Human
  • 22% Dwarf
  • 11% Elven
  • 5% Gnome
  • 28% Other Races


  • Walls are erected around the city's perimeter to separate Poroshenko from the surrounding Myltev-owned territory.
  • Glace's navy patrols the waters around the Strait of Myltev to keep watch against pirate and monster attacks


  • Controls the Strait of Myltev, the only waterway for merchants in southern Pescat to travel from the west coast to the east.


Ancient History

The location for modern-day Poroshenko was first settled more than 5,000 years ago in the 2nd Cycle during the early years of the Myltevian Empire. The original settlement was destroyed during the Ostry Apocalypse, but a new town named Gavan was created by local bands of pirates in the 4th century of the 3rd Cycle.   Gavan became a vital hub for merchants and pirates eager to move shiploads of goods from one side of Pescat to the other. The pirate kingdom of Myltev, riven by petty feuds and infighting, ensured stability in Poroshenko to prevent this vital hub of commerce from drying up.

New Ownership

In the year 786 of the 4th Cycle a fleet of Glacian ships sailed into Gavan's harbor and claimed the city as their own, renaming it Poroshenko. Myltev's government, still reeling from the death of its leader Cpt. Gordiefsky and the loss of thousands of vessels in a hurricane, was unable to put up any kind of resistance and surrendered the city with minimal casualties. Several skirmishes were fought during the reign of Cpt. Tarkov to seize Poroshenko and put it back in Myltevian hands, but none proved successful. Nikolaj Baratov, the current king of Myltev, has searched for every means necessary for reclaiming the city for his kingdom.
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