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CoS Session 22: A Festival for Paoli, Pt. 1

General Summary

  • After a few days travel the party sails to Poroshenko
  • It’s a port city on the edge of Liat owned by kingdom of Glace
  • Sebastian gets a lead on his old theater troupe, they’re going to Garavecchio for some kind of political festival
  • That evening they get a hologram from Fallworth
  • He looks injured, covered in bandages
  • He’s not happy
  • Party was supposed to help Paoli consolidate power, but they weren’t there to help out
  • Blue Monday happened, and Paoli lost half his men and fleet
  • Paoli's running on fumes at this point, about to make last desperate push
  • Fallworth tells them to go to Garavecchio, and do whatever Paoli wants them to do
  • Oh, and someone tried to assassinate Fallworth
  • An explosion went off near his carriage, left him badly hurt
  • Explosions tried to hit Queen Astrid and council, but they were duds
  • They’re expecting some Avicennan agents were involved
  • Party has fun on their last last night in Poroshenko
  • Roland spends time with Theron poring over maps, planning course
  • Sebastian gambles, wins 50 gold
  • Nikolaj tries to steal some permafrost from an alchemist
  • Alchemist runs into him as he tries leaving the house though
  • Nikolaj has to throw impromptu party for the alchemist to not get caught
  • Picks up a sweet roll and gets alchemist drunk, puts permafrost back
  • Elan spends some time Tilda
  • The voyage to Garavecchio
  • Roland gets seasick during a storm, but he also goes on some dates with Theron afterwards
  • Elan spends more time with Tilda, she's a little disappointed that Elan doesn’t want to make it serious
  • Nikolaj is a third wheel at times
  • Sebastian spends more time with his cow Bessie
  • They don’t see a kraken, but they do find the wreckage of Paoli’s ships
  • Blue Monday was supposed to be perfect, an opportunity for Paoli to overwhelm his political opponents with a superior naval force
  • But the Vivaldi’s were prepared, almost like they knew in advance
  • They Arrive in Garavecchio, an ancient city full of churches and markets
  • They have to look around for a bit to find one of Paoli's agents
  • He takes them to derelict building off the beaten path near the docks
  • Paoli’s up on the 3rd floor, looking a little disheveled and on edge
  • He’s not thrilled that the party kept him waiting so long, but at least they’re here
  • The Vivaldi’s are planning something big for the festival later that week
  • There’s a power vacuum now that the Grappas family's political coalition collapsed
  • Grego Vivaldi is a zealot in the pocket of Avicenna, ready to purge all gods from Sardivelia
  • He also has a sister named Cella who's experimenting with some strange magic
  • Paoli has his allies in The Handgun and some members of the Grappas family in his pocket, but he needs to move fast
  • To the party: find out Grego’s plot, discover Cella’s secret
  • Also, find out who leaked out his plans to the Vivaldis
  • How else did the Vivaldis know about Blue Monday?
  • First, party heads over to the Handgun’s tavern in Garavecchio for intel
  • Azrael isn’t there, but Assaj is in town for the festival
  • Nikolaj introduces her to the rest of the party, gives her Fairouz ring to fence/study
  • Assaj doesn’t have too much to offer on Vivaldis, but she knows who leaked
  • Frederico, an old servant of Paoli who helped party sneak into the Court of the Undying meeting in Trecce
  • Roland and Elan go search for Frederico
  • They find him staying at a tavern by the docks
  • Takes some persuading, but he eventually confesses he did it for the money
  • Frederico stabs Elan while trying to escape, but Roland knocks him out
  • They carry his body out of the window, take him back to Paoli
  • This is good news for Paoli, he has a lot of ‘questioning’ to do
  • Sebastian and Nikolaj track down Cella
  • But first, Sebastian goes to look for his old theater troupe in town
  • Lodovico’s in charge of troupe, performing Ballad of Prince Snowbean
  • Sebastian watches show, spots his old apprentice Adam Divisav in the show
  • This elf is still loyal to Sebastian, tells him how the troupe's changed since Sebastian was expelled
  • Sebastian tells Adam how Lodovico may have killed the troupe's old director
  • Adam agrees to keep tabs on Lodovico to see if he can find any proof
  • Later that night Nikolaj and Sebastian track Cella down to a ruined, old Temple of Lolth
  • Nikolaj dexterously sneaks onto temple roof, climbs onto rafters
  • Finds Cella talking to two robed figures, might be Fairouz and Morrigan
  • Cella doesn’t like Grego and his anti-god zealotry
  • Cella says that a shipment’s arrived, should be ready for Festival of Drachma
  • She says an assassination might be necessary (killing who?)
  • They’re also irked about Rexfur trying to start a new pantheon
  • Interferes with their own theological plans
  • All three leave temple together, Nikolaj escapes unnoticed
  • Sebastian and Nikolaj head back to Paoli to tell him about meeting
  • They find a bloodied Frederico, Paoli in a better mood
  • Paoli’s glad to find Cella/Fairouz connection
  • Will be good piece of blackmail against Grego
  • Party heads back to The Castellan, Nikolaj opens up to the party about his family
  • Turns out Cpt. Tarkov is his half-brother, and his last name’s Baratov!
Report Date
09 Feb 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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