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Lead Kings

A band of pirates anchored in the southern coasts of Myltev along the Largas Ocean. While King Nikolaj Baratov expelled and executed numerous pirate warlords during his reign, the Lead Kings evaded for capture for years and by the middle of the 910's had dug themselves into the oft-neglected coastlines of southern Myltev. The origins of the Kings are shrouded in mystery, but three of them currently oversee their pirate colony: Leshy, a druid skilled in the art of fortifications; Russalki, a mage who can bend the seas to her will; and Zmei, a silent warlord said to have survived a face-to-face encounter with the Sunken God.   Fearful of the legacy of past rulers like Cpt. Gordiefsky whose reigns collapsed after ill-fated expeditions, King Nikolaj has yet to wage an all-out siege against the Lead King's fortifications. In the meantime the Kings slowly accumulate wealth and power, raiding the mines on the neighboring island of Nevsky for fresh resources and crew.

"You Move First"

Founding Date
916, 4th Cycle
Illicit, Pirate Crew

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