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A small settlement in the southern half of the Myltevian island of Potemkin. Built in a cold and desolate wasteland, the region has produced some of the nation’s most ruthless pirates. Its namesake, Cpt. Gordiefsky, was born here before he rose to power as king of Myltev as well as the Sunken God devotee Gleb. The Royal Knights Brigade visited in 897 to investigate Gleb’s powers, leading to the massacring of the entire village when it was revealed that Gleb had turned everybody in Gordigrad into monsters known as Deep Scions. For years the village stood abandoned, haunted by beasts from inland Potemkin.


  • 90% Human
  • 10% Other Races


Gordigrad's strategic point between two rivers gave the village an extra level of defense from years of pirate raids compared to many of the neighboring towns. From an early age local children would be trained in self-defense and siege tactics, providing legendary pirates like Cpt. Gordiefsky with an advantage against their rivals.    Gordigrad's natural defenses also kept the village isolated from Myltevian politics, making the city an afterthought in powergrabs for the capital of Oblast. This neglect allowed for cults and individuals like Gleb to bend the village to their will, transforming many of the local inhabitants into abominations known as deep scions in service of the Sunken God.    After Gleb's defeat at the hands of the Royal Knights Brigade, much of Gordigrad remained uninhabited for years until King Nikolaj Baratov began a land program to encourage former pirates to retire to a life of farming on land handed out by the Myltevian government. The program served to eliminate the threat of unrest against Nikolaj's government, and these pirate farmers could be used to deal with the surge of monsters terrorizing the region in the years following Gleb's interference.

897, 4th Cycle

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