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Ludmila Tomic

Prime Monarch

The elven ruler of Glace whose most recent reign as prime monarch began in 914. Despite her age, she’s proven to be a quick-thinking politician able to see trends before they catch her rivals and allies off-guard. She was part of the generation that helped modernize the kingdom in the late 400's of the 4th Cycle to make for a more equal share of power between Glace's major races, convincing the kingdom's elves to agree to the reforms. She's kept the elven faction united for more than four centuries, but after the collapse of the Elflands Empire in 897 there's been a growing movement for Glace's elves to emigrate to the Golden Forests and help their elven neighbors rebuild. Ludmila managed to keep this group in check, but with her death in 919 few voices remained to keep the elves in line.
226 919 693 years old
Place of Death
Ruled Locations

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