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Dark Souls

An adventuring group organized by High Marshal Father Eli Anderson to prevent a brutal civil war between the tieflings of Rakka and The Verschow's dark elves. Stretching his emergency powers as acting High Marshal beyond their limits following Jalil Hafiz's assassination, the Dark Souls have less than two weeks to uncover a devilish conspiracy pushing The Verschow towards a disastrous war before Father Eli must abdicate.   The Dark Souls completed their mission with flying colors, suffering minimal casualties as they overthrew the corrupt House Baudissin and defeated the fiend Naberius. With the signing of the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar the party's work was complete, leaving its adventurers to part ways and move on to other projects.


List of Members Breadstick Gang
The sub-group Breadstick Gang was formed when Poolp, Nineveh, and Verity all consumed poisoned breadsticks at a social event in Dromire. As the only one not to throw up and become temporarily blinded, Verity was voted leader of the Breadstick Gang.

901, 4th Cycle - 901, 4th Cycle

Adventuring Party

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