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A female tiefling from Rakka. Tired of her homeland's warmongering, she left her hometown to forge a life out in the kingdom's dangerous frontier. Her journeys led her through the Underdark on multiple occasions, eventually gaining the favor of the influential dark elf family of House Hainaut. She worked as a confident and guard for Allexander Hainaut, protecting him on journeys through the Verschow. When it was revealed that Allexander had betrayed the family by working to create undead abominations for House Baudissin, Verity felt betrayed and quit working for the family after the defeat of the devil Naberius in a battle where she delivered the killing blow.   She traveled to Rakka to attend the signing of the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar, and through her ally Poolp she was introduced to Father Eli Anderson and the teachings of the god Tyr. She quickly became an acolyte, staying in Rel-Kadrar to spread word of his blessings and keep a watch on any fiendish activity.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Ranger, Hunter
Current Location
Year of Birth
880 39 Years old
Presented Sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Maroon
Aligned Organization

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