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House Hainaut

A family of drow skilled in the art of necromancy. For years it was the most powerful family in The Verschow of Rakka, but after the disappearance of its matriarch Marwen Hainaut in the mid-800's the family played a diminished role in Verschow politics in the latter half of the 4th Cycle's ninth centry. For decades the role of Matriarch in House Hainaut was left unfilled out of respect for its missing leader, the House's remaining members acting as gadflys to the ruling families and their perceived excesses.   The Hainaut's political situation changed dramatically after Marwen's return to Dromire in the winter of 901, leading a coup against the ruling House Baudissin and their devilish ally Naberius. Finding faith at the Holy City of Dhamma, Marwen made some controversial decisions like exiling her own son Allexander for collaborating with Baudissin cultists, but her quick political maneuvers helped turn House Hainaut into the most important family in the Verschow. They oversaw the signing of the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar with Rakka, ushering in a new era of peace and collaboration between the two kingdoms for the first time in almost five centuries.


List of Matriarchs

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