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Marwen Hainaut


A female dark elf and leader of the Verschow region of Rakka. One of the most talented spellcasters in Southern Pescat, as matriarch of House Hainaut she led the drow council that crafted dangerous magic weapons like the Silk Page. The guilt from her creations led to her self-imposed exile from the world, and for years she lived in self-imposed exile at a monastery near Melusine's capital of Alduin. During the Kiri-Kawa-Oda War a band of Oda Clan adventurers led by Bucephalus the Rambunctious convinced her to help them craft an item capable of defeating the Silk Page in 876, after which she left the monastic life and ventured to all corners of the continent. 

Still troubled by the destruction wrought by her creations, Marwen spent years traveling through the Campanel Desert to seek redemption at the Ageless One's Temple in Dhamma in the early 890’s. Rumors spread of how she would one day return to Rakka to completely reshape Verschow society, and in the year 900 she returned to the Verschow and worked to deal with her homeland's many probelms.   She started with the kingdom's plague of illithids, crafting a spell capable of ending the life of the elder brain known as Dordekt. With assistance from the Dark Souls adventuring group, she returned to the Verschow capital of Dromire to gather support for a revolution against the kingdom's corrupt ruling family to prevent an all-out war with the tieflings of Rakka. This conspiracy proved detrimental to her health and led to the banishment of one of her own children when he confessed to conspiring with House Baudissin, but her family prevailed and returnd to power for the first time in over fifty years. She traveled to Rakka for negotiations that led to the signing of the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar, traveling between Dromire and Delmascar to oversee the slow integration of these two rival kingdoms.   Marwen ensured that two of her political allies would represent the Verschow on Rakka's military council, leading to a large-scale reformation of the Underdark to make it less cruel and more connected to the outside world. Inspired by her faith in the Ageless One and by Father Eli Anderson's city-wide sermons in Rakka, she helped to spark a religious revival within the Verschow and beyond committed to the purging of any fiendish corruption within the region. Rarely making public appearances, Marwen spends much of her time studying at Castle Hainaut while her nieces like Jael keep her informed of the political situation outside the castle walls.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Marwen cast many powerful spells during in the early weeks of the year 901 during her putsch to overthrow House Baudissin, handling unprecedented levels of magic that proved devastating for her physical health. To this day she has difficulty walking long distances, requiring personal assistance or a wheelchair during her diplomatic travels.

Special abilities

  • Wizard, School of Necromancy


Marwen Hainaut


Towards Wilhelm Hainaut

Wilhelm Hainaut


Towards Marwen Hainaut

Current Location
Year of Birth
422 509 Years old
Wilhelm Hainaut (spouse)
Dark Violet
White with Violet Undertones
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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