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Capital of the The Verschow's drow forces in the kingdom of Rakka. To outside observers it's merely a simple fortress in the middle of a war-torn wasteland, but according to Rakkan intelligence the city stretches for miles into the Underdark beneath the structure.


  • 95% Drow
  • 5% Other Races


For centuries Dromire was the meeting point between the drow of Rakka and their tieflings overlords, a neutral territory where they could exchange magic items and high-tech weapons. All of that changed with King Constell II of Gameth's conquest of Southern Pescat in the late 400's of the 4th Cycle, liberating the drow and granting them with a taste of freedom. Rakka's drow could never return to the old way of tiefling oppression, and they would fight tooth and nail to maintain their newfound independence.    Dromire transformed from a neutral territory into a fortified citadel, the most visible site of drow resistance in Rakka. Much of drow society existed within the Underdark that stretched beneath the tiefling kingdom, but the citadel of Dromire stood in defiance to centuries of tiefling tyranny. Rakkan forces would sometimes break through the city's exterior defenses, but the traps and mazelike expanse of Dromire's interior would foil every invasion in its tracks.   Centuries of magic wards and defenses have granted the Verschow's noble houses with the confidence to designate Dromire as the capital of their rebellious nation-state, hosting council meetings just miles away from the full wrath of the Rakkan war machine. Dromire's perceived security may have led to recent Verschow leaders to take more risks in escalating their conflict with Rakka, confident that no seige would be capable of breaking through their capital's defenses.


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