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Zolfo Springs

A miserable fishing village on the coast between Oridelfa and Silvio. A dozen or so kuo-toa eke out squalid livings here by fishing from the rugged waters of the Karaga Sea.


  • 100% Kuo-toa


The Finver Islands have long been one of the most neglected regions of the Elflands Empire, thousands left in abject poverty regardless of race. Groups of kuo-toa and tortles would band together to help each other survive as a community, sharing the earnings of a hard day's fishing to keep the village afloat for another week.   After the annexation of Oridelfa by the human kingdom of Sardivelia in 898, many of these villages disbanded as their inhabitants traveled into the city to make a living in Sardivelia's thriving shipping industry. Zolfo Springs is one of the few villages to maintain the old ways of subsistence fishing, its inhabitants even surviving the predations of the The Sunken God's Reign of Terror and its sahuagin horde.
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