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The largest gnomish settlement in all of Pescaliat. Over three-fourths of all the world’s gnomes come from Galway and the surrounding area. For centuries the city was under the control of the Elflands Empire, but following the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 the city came under the control of Sardivelia.


  • 83% Gnomish
  • 11% Human
  • 2% Kuo-Toa/Bullywug
  • 4% Other Races


  • Several major rivers empty out into the Karaga Ocean near Galway, providing the land with plenty of fresh water and abundant food


Legends have it that gnomes were birthed from the boulders of the nearby hills and created Galway as a haven from the outside world, but for most of recorded history the city was under the ruthless occupation of the Elflands Empire. Galway was one of the first cities to be conquered by the Empire's unstoppable armies, and for over three thousand years the city was firmly under the empire's thumb.   Although gnomes are world-renowned for their inventiveness, the Elflands government fiercely regulated the crafting of inventions created in Galway. Fearing any technology that could one day eliminate the need for magic or threaten elven hegemony, thousands of inventions were confiscated or destroyed outright to prevent them from getting adopted by the world at large. Despite such strict regulations, small workshops operated in the shadows selling patents to more technologically advanced nations like Rakka and Gameth.   In 897 the Sunken God's sahuagin horde raided the city and massacred thousands of inhabitants, one of the greatest atrocities of the monstrous deity's reign of terror. After the Sunken God's defeat at the Battle of Kassadeia, the Treaty of Iverburg was signed in 898 to allocate the remnants of the Elflands Empire to the neighboring kingdoms of southern Pescat. Sardivelia, led by the wealthy nobleman Paoli Piedmonte, agreed to take ownership of the ruined cities of Galway and Hedgpeth and spend much of the kingdom's wealth on rebuilding the settlements. A decade after Sardivelia's acquisition Galway has entered a boom time, gnomes free to tinker and research new technologies so long as Sardivelia holds exclusive rights to the patents.
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