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DW Session 5: Only a Matter of Time

General Summary

  • The rest of the week
  • Adam goes on a date with Cassandra
  • He tries to get intel out of her while she’s drunk, but he gets nothing
  • They go see a play, but he’s not a fan of it
  • They still hook up by the end of the night
  • Gell buys a moonshine kit from an elderly dragonborn named Morkos Flamehaven
  • He cooks some moonshine with Amara, it’s ok
  • Amara does some flirting, Gell doesn’t get it
  • When he gives dragonborn a jar to try, he absolutely hates it
  • Gives him six months to make the best moonshine he’s ever made
  • Cereus gets sick, starts coughing up violet phlegm
  • He’s diagnosed with rare disease, Asuria’s Illness
  • Named after famous sorceress who first contracted it
  • Elan and him will stay in Kassadeia until condition stabilizes
  • After that, they might return to Gameria for further treatment
  • Cassandra shows up to give party their next assignment
  • There’s a business deal going on in Silvio
  • It’ll fund the Characters for years if it goes through
  • However, Gremio of the Elflands' Avon royal family may intervene
  • It’s their job to run interference
  • It’s a three-week journey there, and the deal’s in one month exactly
  • Gell brings his moonshine kit along
  • The party stops in Galway, capital of the Elflands’ gnomish territory
  • There’s a festival going on to celebrate the start of fall
  • Adam and Cassandra get drunk, still no luck on intel
  • Amara and Gell get drunk at a different tavern, get to know each other
  • Amara talks about the complicated relationship w/ her father
  • Gell talks about how his mother was abandoned by a nobleman
  • Favorite foods, etc, they get very drunk
  • A couple of gnomish tavernkeepers insist on getting them drunk
  • One drink knocks Amara out cold
  • Gell has a stronger constitution it seems
  • Why did the gnomes try to poison them?
  • The party is on the way to Silvio
  • A sign on the trail says the road’s blown out, have to take detour
  • Amara cooks for party that night, a sumptuous BBQ boar
  • Guess pirates make better cooks than you’d think!
  • Adam hears chanting in woods nearby
  • Party decides to get away from it
  • As party leaves they hear a magical explosion near the chanting
  • Now they’re leaving the place a little faster
  • In a couple hours Cassandra stops the wagon
  • An old human man is standing by the side of the road
  • He’s in a cloak with a gray/black beard
  • The man asks for the ‘child of Fireheart’
  • Amara leaps out, gets pushy with the guy
  • Turns out it’s Arvyll, former member of the Erivo pantheon
  • He wants all of Amara’s time (i.e. her life)
  • The next best thing to draining Roland of the rest of his lifespan
  • Amara disagrees, tosses handaxe at the deity
  • Boss Fight: Arvyll, the Rogue God of Time
  • Adam and Amara get some good licks in
  • Gell does ki attack, but doesn’t look like magic attacks work as well
  • Arvyll casts his aging spell on Adam
  • It kinda works, but he only ages three years
  • Not much for a very young elf
  • Same spell gets cast on Gell several times, and he turns 31
  • Arvyll also casts a spell to slow down time for party
  • They have disadvantage on attacks, really hurts Gell’s fighting
  • Good thing Amara is on a warpath in this fight
  • She inflicts SO MUCH damage, eviscerates Arvyll by the end
  • Arvyll’s body is torn apart like pinata, god starts begging for life
  • There’s nothing but oblivion for a dead god with no followers
  • At Adam’s request, he agrees to reset the ages of everybody he’s cursed
  • But Amara still kills all that’s left of Arvyll
  • Thousands of miles away, Roland de-ages eight years during council meeting
  • Congratulations, the party just killed a god!
  • Meanwhile in Gameria…
  • Nikolaj has an meeting with his patron god Rexfur
  • Rexfur thanks him for his decades of hard work and advocacy
  • Times have never been this good for the church of Rexfur
  • In return, Rexfur offers to give Nikolaj back his mortal form
  • It takes a lot of energy, but Nikolaj has earned it
  • But Nikolaj refuses!
  • He can’t explain why, but there are other things he wants to do
  • Queen Astrid has returned from her diplomatic mission to Elflands
  • Roland and Nikolaj barge in to have a private meeting with her
  • The two of them have been talking, and they have a propositon
  • Let Nikolaj go down to Myltev to overthrow his brother Tarkov
  • Rexfur can appoint a new high priest
  • Nikolaj can be the figurehead, Astrid can appoint advisors
  • It’s better arrangement than Tarkov’s tyranny of the sea
  • Surprisingly, Astrid agrees immediately
  • Turns out she gave her silent blessing to a coup in Elflands
  • Amara and rest of party joined resistance group
  • But she reassures Roland that Adam will take care of her
  • Astrid can provide funding and intel
  • But it’s up to Nikolaj to get the ground support
  • And he’ll be the one to kill Tarkov and his higher-ups
Report Date
15 Sep 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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