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A Sardivelian  trading post in Southern Pescat along the Karaga Sea. Settled back in the early 500’s, the Sardivelians officially bought the land as part of a treaty following the Sixth Elflands-Rakkan War, and many political dissidents have used it as a refuge to escape persecution in the Elflands.


  • 72% Human
  • 7% Gnomish
  • 6% Kuo-Toa/Bullywug
  • 4% Elven
  • 11% Other Races


Silvio was the first Sardivelian trading post founded in 523 during its golden age of trade and expansion. There were several territorial disputes over obtaining the land from the Elflands, but an agreement reached between the Piedmonte Coalition and Emperor Polonius Avon III secured Sardivelia with full ownership of the territory in the mid-700's.   Following the The Sunken God's Reign of Terror and the collapse of the Elflands Empire in 897, the Treaty of Iverburg Signed was signed allowing Sardivelia to annex much of the former Elflands territory to help stabilize and rebuild the region. Almost overnight Sardivelia became one of the most influential kingdoms in Southern Pescat, with Silvio as the administrative capital of this newly-acquired territory. A combination of Sardivelian wealth and gnomish innovation transformed the city into an industrial powerhouse, a hub for railways stretching from Oridelfa all the way to Galway.

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