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Treaty of Iverburg Signed



IVERBURG , Glace - After weeks of intense negotiations, the Treaty of Iverburg was formally signed and approved by more than a dozen nations to redistribute the lands of the former Elflands Empire . Following the Sunken God's reign of terror and the collapse of the world's oldest empire in 897, the Treaty of Iverburg called for the creation of two new kingdoms and the annexation of several Elflands cities by existing nations.    Under the new leadership of Queen Rosalind Avon, coronated mere weeks before negotiations began, the Elflands has abandoned all of its imperial claims in Southern Pescat and returned the kingdom to its ancestral borders around the Golden Forests. The imperial capital of Kassædeia, still in ruins from the Sunken God's destruction, will remain under Elflands control as they tend to the elven ghosts still haunting the city.   From the ashes of the empire rise two new nations: the halfling Treeleaf Union with its capital in the college town of Noggin, and Broggfey with its capital in the mining town of Thork. As part of the agreement that led to the country's creation, Brogg the Accuser and other orcish diplomats vowed to settle and tame the unpredictable wastelands of the Fey Plains. Many nations like Despero and Sardivelia expressed concern over sharing a border with an orcish kingdom, but the delegation from Bahamut led by the red dragonborn Jezean Hestheroth helped ensure Broggfey's founding in the waning days of the negotiations.    When resistance movements against the Elflands Empire started gaining traction in 896, many of the freedom fighters dreamed of founding over a kingdom for every race under elven oppression once they dissolved the Empire. The Sunken God's sahuagin horde complicated these dreams, turning many cities like Oridelfa and Galway into ruins and killing many of the resistance leaders who first fought for independence.    In desperate need of investment to rebuild, the struggling cities of Galway, Hedgpeth, and Oridelfa have all been annexed by the human kingdom of Sardivelia. The kingdom's trading town of Silvio was one of the few to survive the Sunken God's reign of terror, and as the wealthiest nation in the world Sardivelia has the resources needed to rebuild from the destruction of 897. Paoli Piedmonte, the leader of Sardivelia who spoke for hours on the need for annexation, promised to respect the rights of the region's indigenous people. "Under Sardivelian rule the gnomes can tinker freely, the kuo-toa can worship freely, and the bullywugs are free to join Sardivelia's great merchant fleet," said Paoli.   The dragonborn kingdom of Bahamut also benefited from the terms of the treaty, annexing the Elflands' city of Estrival along with its valuable dragon hatcheries. Jezean Heshteroth proved to be a skilled negotiator, shifting the terms of the debate and ensuring a voice for the non-human and non-halfling races of Southern Pescat. Jezean has made clear her intentions of running for President of her nation's Council of Lords later this year, and the annexation of Estrival is sure to improve her chances against the incumbent Saladin Vercin this winter.    The Treaty of Iverburg was signed and approved by every nation from Southern Pescat and the island continent of Liat. Copies of the treaty will be sent to the kingdoms of the Northern Territories as well as the Holy City of Dhamma for a customary blessing from The Ageless One.
"For centuries the Elflands has stood at the center stage of world affairs, but our scene has ended and new actors must now take our place." - Queen Rosalind Avon

On the day before the Treaty of Iverburg was signed, famed negotiator and freedom fighter  Cassandra Gaspard gave birth to a daughter named Amara Divisav at Iverburg's most prestigious hospital. Despite being more than eight months pregnant, for weeks she attended every single meeting for the treaty and ensured the creation of the halfling Treeleaf Union before going into labor. Cassandra's husband, famed adventurer Adam Divisav, released an official statement saying there were no complications during delivery and that Cassandra would be able to formally sign the treaty the next day.


Despite the honor of hosting the treaty's negotiations in its capital, the frigid kingdom of Glace was unable to include language in the Treaty of Iverburg guaranteeing Glacian ownership of the port city of Poroshenko and the resource-rich island of Nevsky  Nikolaj Baratov, the new king of the pirate-plagued nation of Myltev and close ally of Gameth, claims that the two territories were unlawfully seized by Glace when Myltev was weakened by natural disasters and internal strife in the 780's. The representatives from Glace wanted the treaty to officially recognize the kingdom's decades-long hold on Poroshenko, but the attending diploments determined that the issue was a regional matter and beyond the focus of the treaty.    King Baratov has vowed to reform Myltev and turn it into a functioning modern nation-state, ambitions that will no doubt lead to a confrontation with Glace over its territorial claims. Glace's monarchs, each representing one of the kingdom's three major races, are all elderly and have relied on Elflands support for decades to maintain their holdings. With the Elflands playing a  smaller role in global politics, it remains to be seen whether they can fend off a Myltev on the rise. 


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