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Capital of the orcish nation of Broggfey. Conquered by the Elflands Empire during the reign of Laertes I (064, 3rd Cycle - 629, 3rd Cycle), the city had been under strict surveillance ever since the Bahamut War for Independence in the 760’s to ensure the orcs didn't attempt a similar revolt. After the Sunken God's reign of terror in 897 the city became recognized as the capital of the newly founded nation of Broggfey under the Treaty of Iverburg in 898.


  • 86% Orcish
  • 6% Dragonborn
  • 8% Other Races


During Emperor Laertes I's (064, 3rd Cycle - 629, 3rd Cycle) reign of the Elflands, the the orcs and dragonborn of the Bahamut Mtns. proved to be his most challenging opponents. Accessing incredible powers from the Feywild, he overwhelmed the orcish armies at the Battle of Thork in the 500's of the 3rd Cycle and spread his empire west towards the Arrayas Ocean.   The city of Thork became a vital mining town for the Elflands Empire, harvesting vast troves of gems and metals from the Bahamut Mtns. Despite such a devastating defeat at the hands of the Empire, the orcs and dragonborn remembered their days of independence years earlier and constantly plotted to overthrow their elven oppressors.   The red and green dragonborn of the Bahamut Mtns. seized their opportunity to rebel in the 760's of the 4th Cycle, holding back war-weary elven forces and declaring their independence by the end of the decade. Thork's inhabitants tried to do the same in the early 800's, but the rebellion was viciously tamped down in the Siege of 807 that left thousands dead or starved. The Elflands wasn't ready to lose any further territory after Bahamut's successful war for independence, and it would hold its remaining territories with an iron fist until Emperor Polonius III's death and the Character Revolution of 896.    While the city was recaptured during the Revoultion by imperial forces, a few months later the Elflands Empire collapsed during the Sunken God's reign of terror in 897. Orcs and elves who had fought each other just a few weeks earlier now found themselves united in defense of the city from the Sunken God's sahuagin horde. Together they kept the city secure from invasion, and along with Silvio and Noggin it was one of the only cities to survive the monstrous deity's genocidal campaign.   With the defeat of the Sunken God at the Battle of Kassadeia in the winter of 897, the surviving orcish leaders attended the negotiations for the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 to vouch for an independent nation for the world's orcs. Many representatives scoffed at the idea, even after months of fighting by the region's orcs to defend their homeland from the sahuagin horde. Brogg the Accuser argued that the orcs could tame the wilderness of the Fey Plains under the guidance of an independent nation, which convinced enough representatives to recognize the creation of the kingdom of Broggfey with Thork as its capital.
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