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GHG Session 2: Frog Child

General Summary

Month 8, Week 3, Year 918
  After a night's rest at GHG headquarters, the so-called Fortunate Five began their journey east towards the hauntings in Ardin. With a discount for promising to hunt down Ilariano Vivaldi, the party could afford the train fares and make it to the Treeleaf Union in a little over a week.   The first leg of the journey from Dhyrlonis to Broggfey's capital of Thork would take the longest, winding down the mountain passes on a drake-pulled carriage. Trains would one day connect the two cities, but that was still months in the future. The long journey gave the party time to chat and learn each other's quirks, like Zan'kiri's questioning of Windred's psychic abilities.   The party finally arrived in Thork, rebuilt from the Sunken God's Reign of Terror in a blend of orcish and fey cultures. Phaedra and Zan'kiri gathered some intel about what to expect in Sardivelia, the gith wizard attempting to rob a coin purse with limited success. Meanwhile Argus and Windred visited a local tavern, coincidentally running into the Redscale Rumblers before the team began their journey into the Fey Plains. A couple of tough-looking bootleggers and bounty hunters advised the Fortunate Five to check out Silvio for any leads on Ilariano: as Sardivelia's second capital everybody in Southern Pescat ended up there at some point or other.   Making sure that Fax wouldn't get himself killed during his next adventure, the group returned to the train station for the noontime departure for Hedgpeth. Ys stayed behind at the station to get her bearings (these trains took some getting used to), and together they all witnessed a poor little grung being tossed off one of the trains as a stowaway. Ys and the others immediately rushed forward to help the poor frog child, a purple grung who introduced themselves as Bubbles. In a twist of fate Bubbles had just escaped being experimented on by Ilariano, the Fortunate Five promising to keep them safe if Bubbles agreed to help them find this nobleman in Silvio.   And the party stayed true to its word, hiding Bubbles from the train's guards and paying for the cabin window destroyed by the grung's Eldritch Blast. Phaedra burned the midnight oil to gather gossip in the dining cart, learning about rumors of Paoli Piedmonte failing health and lack of a chosen heir. The party only stayed in Hedgpeth long enough for Zan'kiri to botch another pickpocketing before they continued on their way towards Silvio and a hunt for Ilariano.

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30 Mar 2021
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