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Hrathy the Unexpected


A female orc and current President of Broggfey, 912 - 926. Originally elected as the kingdom's first Vice President, she served as President Nagrette the Victorious' envoy into the Fey Plains to study supernatural activity in the region. Her frequent expeditions gave her an unmatched knowledge of fey society, making her an indispensable ally in Nagrette's cabinet. Despite becoming President due to Nagrette's unexpected death in early 912, she was easily elected to a term of her own a few months later due to her close ties to the well-liked former President.

As President many of her decisions were met with suspicion and controversy, like when she contracted adventurers from outside Broggfey to deal with the region's worst cases of fey interference. The adventurers managed to rescue entire villages from the Queen of Lost Thing's fey court in 919, helping to stabilize the Fey Plains and make them safe for orcish homesteaders once more. She did not run for reelection in 926, retiring from public life on a pig farm on the outskirts of Thork.
Current Location
Year of Birth
878 53 Years old


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