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GHG Session 6: One Less Problem for Paoli

General Summary

Month 8, Week 4, Year 908
  Prepared thanks to Patrick's intel, the Fortunate Five headed towards the Sporco neighborhood of Silvio to confront Bubbles' torturer Ilariano Vivaldi. Zan'kiri, Windred, and Ysmyrelda distracted Ilariano and his two guards Celio and Celia from the front entrance; meanwhile Argus, Phaedra, and Bubbles broke into the warehouse from the backdoor.    The break-in took longer than expected, but Zan'kiri's group still got the jump on Ilariano thanks to a convincing disguise and an empty barrel. Celia and Celio struggled to make much of an impact during the fight, divided and unable to use their roguish abilities to their full potential. Ilariano fired off wild spells in every direction, shrinking Windred by several feet and babbling incoherently about the need for a frog. He even ordered his knives, animated together as a construct, to fight the party before it was quickly shattered by several spells.    Argus took advantage of the chaos to climb up to the building's rafters and slam down on Celia. Ysmyrelda and Windred had to revive him on multiple occasions thanks to this strategy, but Argus managed to kill Celia and use her corpse as a cudgel against her brother thanks to this tactic. Celio tried to kidnap Bubbles and run out of the warehouse with them, but this intimidating display of power convinced him to drop the grung and keep racing out into the streets of Silvio. With a final stab from Zan'kiri the fight with Ilariano was complete, the party's first successful mission as the Fortunate Five.    The group discovered some gems hidden away by the nobleman along with a spell scroll for 'Detect Thoughts' written in Gith, but the greatest reward was the 1,950GP collected from Ilariano's bounty. Argus and Phaedra headed over to the Uffizi to turn in the wanted nobleman, and the others headed back to Firenze where Zan'kiri (reluctantly) freed Patrick and gave him enough money to sail to the Northern Territories  Phaedra debated with Argus over the merits of using corpses as improvised weapons while the rest of the party completed any unfinished business in Silvio. Some of them decided to watch the Avventuri defeat this 'invisible killer', and Ysmyrelda prostrated herself before the god of garments to obtain a fancy hat and gloves. And somehow Argus had managed to nab a coffee date with the Avventuri the following morning...

Rewards Granted

  • The party reached lvl 3
  • The party obtained 1,950GP for Ilariano Vivaldi's bounty
  • The party discovered four gems in Ilariano's lab
  • Zan'kiri discovered the spell for 'Detect Thoughts' in Ilariano's lab, written in Gith

Character(s) interacted with

  • Celia and Celio - Two rogues who worked for Ilariano Vivaldi
  • Ilariano Vivaldi - a Sardivelian nobleman captured by the party for his experiments on grungs
  • Edvig - a gnome and office worker at the Uffizi 
  • Patrick - A red-haired rogue who was spared by the party and allowed to leave for the Northern Territories 

Report Date
27 Apr 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players


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