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Argus Zatari

A male bugbear and former member of the Gilded Hecat Guild. In a past life he was a Myltevian pirate during Cpt. Tarkov's reign, racking up a 2,000GP bounty after dozens of successful raids against Sardivelian shipping vessels. Piracy became less profitable as the new King Nikolaj Baratov cracked down on the pirate bands of the Karaga Sea, leading Argus to a late-in-life career change as an adventurer-for-hire in Bahamut. But the life of an adventurer proved to be more dangerous than anticipated, so after a few years abroad he returned to the Karaga Sea with a new passion for the Dragon God-Kings and their mystical ways. In 924 he became Entombed inside an ancient suit of armor, sharing the space with a yuan-ti-hating dragonborn by the name of Vegha.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Ranger

Apparel & Accessories

  • Bracers of Vegha
  • Leg Bracers of Vegha

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Raised by a powerful bugbear matriarch in the Elflands colony of Hedgpeth, Argus set out of for sea at an early age and ventured with the Heavy Metal Pirates for decades. On his journeys he racked up numerous raids and riches, a constant thorn in the side of Paoli's Sardivelia. But as the decades wore on and new nations rose to power, the Heavy Metal's influence diminished to the point where Argus' bounty was only worth 25GP in the year 918. A paltry bounty, barely worth a month in one of Paoli's labor camps.   So Argus made a late-in-life career change, joining the Gilded Hecat Guild in the fall of 918 to travel through the newly minted kingdoms of Pescaliat and uncover mysteries surrounding the Dragon God-Kings of the 1st Cycle. Mentoring a young Windred Ozlow along the way, he ventured out to the Imperial Marshes of the Treeleaf Union to help the Fortunate Five defeat a series of ghosts haunting the countryside. An agreeable and friendly personality, he tried to avoid conflict whenever possible like when he voted to keep Phaedra in the party after one wild magic outburst too many. He used his earnings on magic items related to the dragon god-kings, chief among them a set of bracers possessing the soul of an ancient draconic warrior by the name of Vegha.   His adventuring career was cut short, however, when a demonic dream compelled him to open a Gray Hat tomb buried beneath an aqueduct in the wraith Bianca Avon's lair. Possessing the corpse of his recently deceased paramour Jezebeth Rahal, the bugbear was knocked unconscious by Gray Hat while the rest of the FF barely managed to escape with their lives. Gray Hat chose to spare Argus, stripping him of Vegha's bracers and using him as an asset to sow chaos throughout Pescaliat for several years. He was present at Chateau Gruyere in 921 when members of the half-elf Gruyere family orchestrated a neverending party to create a portal to Gray Hat's layer of the Abyss. The FF traveled down to Despero to interrupt the ceremony, running into their old adventuring partner under less than ideal circumstances. The bugbear lobbed plenty of blows and office supplies at his former companions, but Xa'kara Reid managed to free him from Gray Hat's influence wielding a spear given to her by Nineveh Isolde.   Argus, freely conscious for the first time in years, quickly fled Chateau Gruyere and raced back to the comfort of his old occupation. He attended Windred and Reetma's wedding later in 921, but he spent the next several years assembling a crew and reclaiming some of his old notoriety. Attracting similarly washed-up adventurers like Vernost, he started sailing around Pescaliat on the newly-minted Alpha, still on the lookout for any rumors of the god-kings and their draconic relics. By 924 he had obtained half of Vegha's suit of armor, and with help from the Holy Boaters he managed to obtain the complete set through some high-stakes raids in the Karaga Sea. While the bugbear may no longer have his fuzzy blue fur anymore, he now has a body that can survive for thousands of years even under the harshest of circumstances. So long as Vegha gets some time in the driver's seat to murder yuan-ti, Argus has been given the green light to do whatever he'd like with his newfound immortality.
Year of Birth
854 81 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Metallic Scales
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • Common, Draconic, Old Draconic


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