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Gray Hat

(a.k.a. Demogorgon)

A mysterious demonic entity that's been terrorizing Pescaliat for several years in the 4th Cycle's tenth century. Its followers dress in old fashioned dark gray business suits, wielding no weapons but capable of incredible violence with nothing but their fists. One of Gray Hat's minions was first discovered in the Koulan Forests by Shroud agents in 911, buried in large stone sarcophagus etched with Abyssal runes and curses.    Since then Gray Hat has been connected to several shady characters, like the criminal Theo Vechian and the wraithlike spirit of Bianca Avon. Whether these connections are mere coincidence or signs of a larger conspiracy remains to be seen, but the world has learned from the Sunken God that a threat like this should be eliminated as soon as possible.

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