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Theo Vechian

A male half-elf and survivor of the Ashera Massacre in 850. Seeking to escape his father's oppressive expectations, he turned to a life of crime and sexual predations in Despero's capital of Havre. He took one of his accomplices, a woman by the name of Ceamir (pseudonym Mircea) to the disastrous will reading on Ashera before Jupiter Talzerine ratted them out and killed Ceamir. Theo managed to survive and escape the island, disappearing from Despero to avoid punishment for his actions and romping through the Northern Territories for decades.

Despite the high bounty on his head, Theo avoided capture for over almost 70 years thanks to his talent for manipulation and deception. He hopped around the Karaga Sea for decades, spending large swaths of time in places like Gameria and Sabha's capital of Orem before having to run away from all the allies he'd stolen from.   Running out of people to swindle in Southern Pescat, Theo headed towards the Northern Territories and found himself right at home in the lawless reaches of the Koulan Forests. But even the dense forests and its dangerous inhabitants weren't enough to escape the outside world: in the winter of 919 the Fortunate Five adventuring group got into a fight with the half-elf, and despite feeling exhausted from a battle earlier in the day with Ownka Ramm's lizardfolk cultists the FF still managed to push back Theo's minions and land a killing blow on the scumbag himself. Upon dying Theo's body started to dissolve into dark gray ash: apparently in his desperation he made some deals with the demonic Gray Hat, sacrificing short-term power for an inevitable corruption.  
783 919 136 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Reetma
Place of Death


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