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"50% Human, 50% Elven, 100% Sassy." -bard/adventurer Elan Quinn, 875, 4th Cycle
Human and elf hybrids are found in every region of the world where the two races intersect, acting as mediators between the two races in times of crisis. In some lands like Despero the half-elves have been able to fully embrace their unique identities, while others in places like the Northern Territories feel forced to side with either their elven or human kin.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The largest population of half-elves can be found in the kingdom of Despero, where elves and humans have intermarried for so long that over three-fourths of the nation is considered half-elf. Many half-elves have moved to its capital city of Havre to flee discrimination in their homelands, finding shelter in the world's only true 'half-elf kingdom'.
  • Half-elves have a difficult life in the Northern Territories. Centuries of feuding between the human Kawa Clan and elven Kiri Clan have created deep racial divisions in the region, where clan leaders force half-elves to choose a side in the conflicts or be shunned from society. Some half-elves have used their mixed identity to great advantage as spies between rival houses.
  • Large populations of half-elves exist in the forested lands of Hakon in the human kingdom of Gameth. Half-elves have been embraced by Gamerian society, especially with the rise of half-elf celebrities like the adventurer Elan Quinn.
  • Despite being the largest elven kingdom in the world, the Elflands has a shockingly low number of half-elves despite reigning over a multiracial empire for thousands of years until recently. Some scholars believe that half-elf children were hidden away by scandal-averse elven nobles, meaning that the numbers may be much higher than what official records indicate.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
180 yrs
Proliferation: Common   Stats/Rules: PHB

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