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Achroddir Zatari


A female bugbear and powerful matriarch of a tribe of goblinkin on the outskirts of Hedgpeth. She joined the Characters Revolution of 896 against the Elflands Empire, her extensive family helping to liberate the city of Hedgpeth from Elflands oppression. Unlike Father Goodberry and many of her contemporaries, Matriarch Zatari foresaw the Sunken God's Reign of Terror and survived attacks from the monstrous deity's sahuagin horde. When the human kingdom of Sardivelia sought to claim several Elflands holdings following the Treaty of Iverburg in 898, Matriarch Zatari was granted a significant amount of autonomy by Paoli Piedmonte in return for keeping the city of Hedgpeth safe and secure from external threats.
Current Location
Year of Birth
832 103 Years old


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