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Xa'kara Reid

A female human and leader of the Gilded Hecat Guild 923 - Present. A native to the desert outposts of Sabha, after her village was destroyed in a freak attack she decided to take up the adventuring mantle and find a way to put her dead husband's spirit to rest.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Barbarian, Ancestral Guardians

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For decades Xa'kara lived a peaceful village life with her husband, far removed from the chaos of Sabha's coastal cities in a section of the Campanel Desert few willingly visited. It took just a single day to upend all of this, when a strange entity razed the village to the ground and killed everybody save for Xa'kara. Her memories from this day are still foggy, but ever since she's been seeing visions of her dead husband and fellow villagers every waking day.   These visions led her to Dhyrlonis in the heart of Bahamut, where Xa'kara applied to become adventurer working for the Gilded Hecat Guild. She started off taking odd jobs and bounties throughout the region, hoping to restore some order to the world in the wake of her village's destruction. These bounties proved lucrative, but once again the spirits urged Xa'kara towards loftier goals and ambitions when she applied to join the Fortunate Five and their Chusei University contract in the winter of 919.   Their meeting proved awkward at first (especially since Loopmottin teleported her right on top of Zan'kiri), but she quickly became a reliable defender in every situation. She decimated a lizardfolk fighter at the Way of the Range's annual tournament, smashed a hole through a city's most formidable defenses during the Siege of Nekutalin, and in some fights she even synchronized her powers with Teherse'singh's to neutralize any damage from incoming attacks. The insane githzerai Craghan Navierre killed her in a fierce battle above the Koulan Forests, but she was quickly revived by Windred Ozlow and her allies. 

She became a beloved figure among Sanjuro City's lower classes, showering them with gold every payday. This led to her founding the Stewards to tackle the rampant poverty she witnessed in Sanjuro City, eventually expanding the organization's operation to cities throughout the Northern Union through generous funding from all her adventuring income.

In 921 Xa'kara helped banish the archdemon Gray Hat, putting an end to a decade of the demonic corruption throughout Pescaliat. She attended the Windred and Reetma's wedding later that same year, and in 923 she was appointed to succeed Kali Taldou as head of the Gilded Hecat Guild.
Year of Birth
878 57 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
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