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Iron Path

A road in the Elflands' northern region connecting Oridelfa to the orcish city of Thork. Given its proximity to the Fey Plains, the trail has been infused with pieces of iron to discourage interference from any fey in the area.

Purpose / Function

To protect against fey interference and meddling after the creation of the Fey Plains in the 1200's of the 3rd Cycle.


A winding path bordering the western edge of the Elfland's farmlands, the Iron Path was created using five separate layers of iron and metal. The base layer was made out of solid metal and cast with a powerful version of 'Magic Circle' to ward against any fey in the area. Each layer above it has a smaller and smaller concentration of iron in it until the top layer looks like a reddish dirt trail.


The Elflands-Rakkan War of the 1200's was perhaps the most disastrous for Pescat since it turned a piece of land the size of a small nation into an uninhabitable wasteland. Both sides argued over who was responsible, but during the battle of Caterwaul in 1161, 3rd Cycle, a massive portal to the Feywild was created that no power could seal back up. Thousands of monsters and fey creatures passed into the Material Plane and Ekal, sending both Rakkan and Elflands armies alike into a delirious frenzy that plunged the entire region into chaos.   Fearing fey monsters terrorizing its Empire for centuries to come, Elflands spellcasters created the Iron Path to seal off the border between the Empire and the Fey Plains. The solution worked, but it came at the cost of permanently cutting off access to the Elflands' western territories. Unable to communicate with or govern these distant regions, the half-elf nobles of the western Elflands revolted following the death of Emperor Fortinbras I (629, 3rd Cycle - 1186, 3rd Cycle) to found the kingdom of Despero in 1215, 3rd Cycle.   Nearly two millennia after the creation of the Fey Plains, only powerful archfey have been able to travel beyond the Iron Path's barrier and terrorize nearby villages. The last reported case was in the 820's, when one of the fey Queen of Lost Thing's battles spilled into the Material Plane. After the signing of the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 the Iron Path and the nearby Fey Plains fell under the control of the orcish nation of Broggfey, whose leaders vowed to tame the wilderness and transform the region into a fertile and vital trading route.
Founding Date
1276, 4th Cycle
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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