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DW Session 11: Godlike Powers

General Summary

  • The next day Cassandra wakes party up in a rush
  • They have to leave ASAP for next mission
  • Cassandra checks on Amara, disgusted by what she finds
  • Furniture in tatters, Amara is a mess
  • She has no memory of what happened last night
  • But she has Sunken God spear, and it’s covered in blood…
  • Rest of party gets into wagon and leaves Oridelfa
  • Cassandra fills party in on events that have happened since revolution began
  • Galway and Noggin are firmly under Characters control
  • Oridelfa’s in a stalemate, but reinforcements are due
  • Characters are pinned down in Thork, surrounded by Elflands forces
  • The Accuser and Mariner are stuck in Thork
  • They planned to start revolution there, after all
  • Now it’s the party’s job to rescue them before seige ends
  • The sooner Empress Ophelia is assassinated, the better
  • Party relaxes on the Iron Path to Thork
  • They’re right at the edge of Elflands territory and Fey Plains
  • Party purchases iron rings to prevent fey interference
  • Party stops at elven tavern one night, stocks up on 2d8 healing potions
  • Adam starts writing a play, gets more romantic with Cassandra
  • Cassandra at one point accuses Veridan of mixed loyalty
  • Asks if he’s working for Elflands govt
  • She hasn’t seen him kill anybody on their travels
  • Veridan convinces her he’s loyal to the cause, she relents
  • Cassandra warns that violence will be necessary to kill Empress
  • Amara consults with Sunken God on newfound powers
  • It turns out she’d killed High Priest Yoho in beast mode
  • This power does damage and pushes back enemies
  • But it comes at cost, affecting sanity and physical features
  • Her skin's gotten flakier and scaly since the beast mode
  • Party is moving down Iron Path when it suddenly starts snowing
  • It’s mid-fall, but it shouldn’t be this cold yet
  • three horsemen start galloping up path behind them
  • One of them fires off blasts of cold that destroy the back wheels of wagon
  • The robed figure asks for Jones Burns and Jones Burns
  • They’re the ones that killed her father, Gremio
  • She’s Bianca, heir to Elflands throne after Ophelia
  • She has the support of Iver, a disgraced goddess of winter looking to make comeback
  • Iver was part of Coven’s pantheon in Faiouzia
  • There’s a lot of desperate gods post-Fairouz, willing to offer a lot of power
  • And now Bianca's using that power for revenge
  • Boss Fight: Bianca and Iver
  • Bianca has truly fantastic ice spells
  • One of them even KO’s Veridan
  • He manages to stupefy her horsemen guards for a while at least
  • He also summons some horny satyrs to act as archers
  • However, Amara deals vicious damage with Sunken God’s spear
  • She dealt 70 points of damage in a single turn
  • Adam lands some solid blows at the guards
  • But Bianca has some tricks up her sleeve
  • She conjures a celestial, her patron deity Iver (goddess of winter)
  • Just as Amara kills Bianca, Iver revivifies her
  • She also does some vast healing spells for good measure
  • As battle starts getting intense, Amara channels Sunken God for 2nd time
  • Her eyes turn a dark blue, muscles bulging and radiating w/ power
  • She kills one horseman instantly with spear through head
  • Another one is mortally wounded and pushed back ten feet
  • Adam finishes off the rest
  • Concerned by development, Iver teleports Bianca away from fight
  • It’s too risky for her to stay here
  • But as Iver tries to escape, Amara tackles her to the ground
  • Consumed by Sunken God’s rage, she tears Iver’s legs off
  • For good measure, she pulls Iver’s heart out of her chest
  • Horrified and fighting for her life, Iver struggles away and teleports from the fight
  • In the fallout Amara is exhausted and her hair starts falling out in clumps
  • Party just saw her eviscerate a god and slaughter a horseman
  • Where is all this newfound power coming from?
  • Party repairs wagon, camps out on trail for the night
  • Veridan sets up protective barrier around the wagon and camp
Report Date
02 Nov 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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