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EooD Session 30: Meet the Hainauts

General Summary

Month 1, Week 3, Year 901
Day 7 in the Underdark
Still mourning Seizer's death and unsettled by Jael's run-in with Ereldra Baudissin, the party continued towards their meeting with Allexander Hainaut. Nineveh accepted her new position as Jael's personal secretary, sifting through the dozens of tomes and books stolen from the Verschow's noble houses.  The morning's only notable event came when the party discovered a patch of fungi that Skyler promptly incinerated. Poolp discovered some bodies beneath the spores, the victims of an unknown killer.    After days of traveling the Dark Souls finally made it to the Broken Tyrant, a waypoint for carriage drivers and merchants to resupply on the journey between Zerbst and Dromire. Allexander was waiting there in an ornate wagon with his aunt Lachesis Hainaut and a tiefling ranger named Verity. With introductions out of the way Jael and the others cut straight to the point about devils corrupting the Verschow and throwing the region into an all-out war with Rakka  Jael argued that House Hainaut's resources should be used to turn the Verschow against House Baudissin and its fiendish allies, instigating a revolution in the five days before father Eli Anderson's term as High Marshal was set to expire. Allexander believed that other matters should take priority: he had just obtained a note from his mother Marwen, long believed to be in self-imposed exile from the Verschow. According to the note Marwen had returned to the Underdark to correct many of the wrongs committed by her people, dealing first with the illithids terrorizing the Underdark. Allexander wanted the Dark Souls to help him find his mother and deal with the illithids, even if that meant missing the deadline for Father Eli's resignation. Lachesis would follow Allexander wherever he went, but she showed sympathy for her niece's situation.    With the Hainaut's at an impasse, the party arrived at the colossal gates of Dromire and entered the great capital of the Verschow's dark elves. A permanent starry sky shined down on the city's residents, deep gnomes and quaggoths trading with dark elves beneath the palatial towers of the region's ruling class of spellcasting families. Allexander led the party to Castle Hainaut, where an army of Shadow Servants stood at the ready from every dark alcove. Jael had a tense reunion with her mother Saskia before the party situated themselves in the mansion's many guest rooms. The party was able to find plenty of silvered weapons and supplies for their campaign against Naberius.    Over dinner that evening Saskia mocked Jael for her collaboration with Rakka's High Marshal and perceived betrayal of her homeland. It was only a three-course meal, but for many in the party it felt like an excruciating feast of family drama. Jael left Castle Hainaut that night to meditate at the local temple of the Ageless One while the rest of the party dispersed to their rooms. Jael made sure to check with everybody in the party before leaving for the temple, even having a quick game of dragonchess with her aunt Lachesis. Skyler was called over to Allexander's room by a Shadow Servant, and together the two of them had a very pleasant evening.

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22 Dec 2020
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