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A city located in the south of Rakka and homeworld of the nation’s Aarakocra population. Buildings and rookeries are carved into the sheer cliff side facing the Arrayas Ocean .


  • 89% Aarakocra
  • 7% Tiefling
  • 4% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • The Coppertalon Guild - Strengthened by dozens of generations of aarakocra spellcasters, the Coppertalon House of Wonders is one of Rakka's greatest troves of magic power. Magic items and spellbooks dating back to the 3rd Cycle are stored within the guild's imposing walls, attracting wizards from as far away as the Northern Territories.


After the Ostry Apocalypse in the early years of the 3rd Cycle, Ekal's aarakocra population found their ancestral homelands turned into desert wasteland by the The Ageless One's Banishing Smite. For years the aarakocra flew around the world searching for a place to call home, eventually settling on a secluded cliffside surrounded on all sides by wilderness and arid chaparral. Legends have it that the city's founder landed atop the cliffside and said that they would never fly again in their lives.    For centuries Rel-Avery flourished as an independent city-state for the aarakocra of Pescaliat, but as the tieflings of Rakka expanded their influence in the region the city was eventually annexed by the military powerhouse. Aarakocra were valued for their flight capabilities and ability to scout out even the most remote locations, but it took decades for them to have any form of representation on Rakka's military council. A monthslong strike in the 4th Cycle's sixth century ended with aarakocra granted the same citizenship rights of tieflings in Rakka, and a permanent position was made on the Rakkan military council for the nation's aarakocra.    To this day Rel-Avery remains a vital hub for trade and commerce in Rakka, attracting vessels from all over Southern Pescat. Trains connect the cliffside rookeries to the industrial town of Rel-Kadrar and the capital Delmascar, meaning that goods shipped into Rel-Avery can reach the capital in a matter of days. Aarakocra may only live for a handful of decades, but the city's influence will last for generations to come.


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