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"The gods have determined that our nation will thrive and flourish. A vast ocean to our west, sturdy mountains to our east, and a race of airborne fighters born within our borders? I tell you, the world will soon bow before Rakkan might." -Jalil Hafiz, 889, 4th Cycle
One of the only sentient races capable of flight in Pescaliat, aarakocra have proven to be capable allies for nations like the tiefling kingdom of Rakka. With brief lifespans due to their high metabolism, many aarakocra feel the need to cement their legacies in high-risk missions for glory. This urge to leave a legacy moves many aarakocra to work as adventurers or mercenaries, while others take this calling to innovate in fields such as trade and commerce.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • A majority of the world's aarakocra come from the cliffside rookeries of Rel-Avery in the tiefling nation of Rakka. One of the first races conquered by the tiefling kingdom, the aarakocra have proven themselves to be capable fighters and merchants for the Rakkan war machine. Centuries ago the aarakocra revolted against tiefling oppression, but the Rakkan government quelled unrest by having an aarakocra representative on every military council.
  • Aarakocras outside of Rakka live in smaller colonies, migrating throughout Pescat for comfortable climates and trading partners. These aarakocra spend large spans of time in the dragonborn nations of Melusine and Lotan Conservation, sometimes agreeing to mercenary contracts if the regions become threatened by monsters or rival powers.
30 yrs.
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: DndBeyond


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