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EooD Session 16: The Broken-Bottle Preacher

General Summary

Month 13, Week 3, Year 900
It was a late night for the party in Rel-Avery, splitting up to different parts of the city after their run-in with Gorf Sunko and his sahuagin abominations. Xalix and Seraphina searched for a priest to purify Gusty's burnt-out office, Cig and Christopher collected their bounty for the bullywug smuggler, and Cedar returned to the Feather Pillow tavern to get some rest after an exhausting trek through the city sewers.    The two halflings flew up to the city's Temple of the Ageless One, a massive cathedral that took up five stories of the city's cliffside complex. The temple felt cavernous and empty this late at night, but the adventurers managed to find a tiefling priest still burning the midnight oil. He introduced himself as Father Eli Anderson, a devotee of the god Tyr who was using the Ageless One's accommodations while passing through town. He immediately agreed to help the party purify Gusty's burnt-out office, taking half an hour to complete the ritual until the entire room glowed with an ethereal bluish energy.    Afterwards Seraphina and Eli went over to the city morgue to check on Gusty's corpse, and after some studying the preacher was able to determine that the aarakocra had been killed by a 'Fireball' spell. Meanwhile Xalix was meeting with a red tiefling to purchase some opium, killing the drug dealer rather than paying for the goods. His ghost's necrotic energy left the tiefling's body in a bile of ash and bone, and Xalix was only able to obtain one dose of his preferred drug.    After Cig and Christopher collected the bounty on Gorf Sunko, they returned to the Feather Pillow tavern to have a quick chat with Director Astara about the day's events. Astara was just as suspicious as Cig that the devilish conspiracy may be involved in Gusty's fiery death, and she agreed to make all the preparations for the party's train ride north towards the industrial city of Rel-Kadrar. Cig and Christopher retired for the night, and it wasn't long after that Seraphina returned with Father Eli Anderson. Astara introduced herself to Eli with an offer to join Rakka's Heroes, and Eli immediately signed up to root out the devilish influence corrupting his homeland. As part of the welcoming committee, Cedar spiked Eli's drink so that he'd glow glittery rainbow colors for several hours.    Month 13, Week 4, Year 908
The party fell asleep at different times that night, so it wasn't until noon that everybody completed a long rest for the day. Director Astara had a busy morning purchasing train tickets for the party, renting out an entire train car for the overnight trip into Rel-Kadrar. She also found some studded leather armor for Seraphina, and she went with Xalix to the Coppertalon House of Wonders where he traded in a Bag of Holding for some Goggles of Night. Cig met with Cpt. Aidencob one last time before leaving Rel-Avery, discussing the rising threat of drow attacks with the aarakocra and suggesting that he give Koel Weathervane some time off since he had helped the group on their overland trek.    It took Rakka's trains a day and a half to get from Rel-Avery to Rel-Kadrar, meaning that the party would make it into the city by midnight the next day. The first-class cabins were comfortable and spacious, offering the group plenty of space to relax and discuss plans once they arrived in the city. Cig communicated telepathically with his worg Fluffy to check for any potential threats, the familiar stuck in the back of the train from the cargo hold. The Rakkan wilderness moved past at a brisk pace, the rocky coastal hills replaced by vast plains and winding rivers.    While Cig met with Director Astara's secretary to discuss a potential attack aboard the train, Seraphina sneaked up to the front carts of the train to spy on the Regulated Steel militia men tasked with guarding the train on its overnight journey. None of them appeared to be fiendish as she spied on their conversations for several hours, the agents discussing everything from Sammal's recent reforms to personal plans for New Year's Eve.   Seraphina convinced Damakos, one of the Regulated Steel agents, to join the party for a game of poker being hosted by Christopher. Eli, Xalix, and Cig all joined in on the game, but Cig bowed out early on to move into the dining cart and keep an eye on the vast Rakkan frontier. The sun was starting to set for the day with the train just a few hours away from Rel-Kadrar, and Cig was worried that a drow attack was imminent. Seraphina, in addition to winning the pot, gained some intel from Damakos about Regulated Steel and their leader Sammal. Most of the group's agents appeared to have an unswerving loyalty to the group's new leader, and Damakos reassured the halfling that Sammal would never threaten Director Astara's life. After all, the two of them had known each other for years in Rakka's diplomatic corps.   As the poker match wound to a close, Cig's fears materialized as several giant spiders crashed through the windows of the party's cart and the dining car. The arachnids eviscerated unsuspectign diners, and in moments the spiders were accompanied by a handful of drow boarding the center of the train. Cig, restrained by a gob of webbing from one of the spiders, teleported out of the train to meet up with Fluffy as the worg broke through the doors of the cargo hold. Meanwhile the rest of the party fought off several drow and spiders in the passenger car, one spider attempting to attack Director Astara only to get a mouthful of 'Minor Illusion'. Father Eli had his time to shine during this fight, casting spells that scared away some of the arachnids while he slashed at them with a broken bottle of whiskey. Christopher filled a drow full of a crossbow bolts with a rapid-fire action surge, Xaliux holding off the drow from the dining car until he got charmed in the process. The battle's fate was up in the air..

Rewards Granted

  • The party received 2,500 for collecting the bounty on Gorf Sunko 
  • Eli Anderson joined the party
  • Xalix traded a Bag of Holding for some Goggles of Night
  • Eli Anderson purchased a 15-lb sledgehammer 

Character(s) interacted with

  • Astara Hadad - Director of Rakka's Heroes 
  • Naamah Asker - Director Astara's personal assistant and potential girlfriend
  • Aidencob - the aarakocra captain of the Rakkan garrison in Rel-Avery
  • Hopezel - an old aarakocra woman and owner of a small magic shop where Seraphina worked for a couple days to afford a Broom of Flying
  • Damakos - a tiefling guard and member of the Regulated Steel militia
Report Date
08 Sep 2020
Primary Location
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