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EooD Session 14: There's No Lilith in Team

General Summary

Month 13, Week 3, Year 908
After a brutal fight that nearly left a party member dead, Rakka's Heroes spent their day split up around town bracing for Director Astara's arrival in Rel-Avery. Seraphina spent the morning working at Hopezel's shop, inspecting some of the common magic items she'd stolen and pleased to find a Cloak of Billowing in the mix. Cig discussed intelligence with Cpt. Aidencob, and Giga went to the library in the Coppertalon House of Wonders to discover some information about his former mentor Juliet Keeper. Cedar spent the day relaxing at the tavern and discussing the lack of team cohesion with Seraphina and Cig, and during all of this Lilith was imprisoned inside an aarakocra prison cell. All Lilith cared about were her swords.    That afternoon, Director Astara arrived off the train for a private meeting with the party at the Feather Pillow tavern. Earlier in the day Cig purchased a bag of Sardivelian coffee beans for the Director as a sign of good will, but the meeting was still intense. Astara explained how the party had lost nearly ten members in the line of duty, and nations like Myltev were prohibiting their adventurers from working in the group after Kipp's death and Damon's disappearance. Rakka's Heroes was running low on suitable replacements to the team, and to make matters worse Lilith flat-out abandoned the group five minutes into the meeting. Breaking out of her handcuffs with ease, she reclaimed her scimitars from an aarakocra guard and left the tavern without another word. Tailed by Rakkan agents, Lilith would spend the next three weeks traveling in a straight line towards the Temeraire Mtns.   With Lilith out of the group, Astara was forced to turn to unconventional measures to keep the party afloat. The next addition to the team would be a criminal working off their sentence as a Rakkan adventurer, news that received a muted response from the party. To avoid another fight like the one between Giga and Lilith, Astara showed the party several iron rings with enchantments gilded into the sides. Wearers of the rings would have the benefit of the spell 'Death Ward' applied to them once a day, but if they did anything that hurt the party they would experience severe pyschic damage like the kind inflicted by the spell 'Geas'. Astara explained presented the group with the oath they'd have to recite, and the party balked at the clause that stated the group must defend Rakka at all costs. Cedar expressed concern over the possibility that Rakka may ask the party to do something terrible like burn down a forest, and Giga flat-out called the rings 'slave rings' and left the meeting altogether.    Cig, as the de facto leader of the group, explained to the Director the group's reservations about Rakka and the devilish conspiracy. If high-ranking officials like Sammal may be conspiring with fiends, who's to say other Rakkan generals weren't doing the same? The party wanted to get to the bottom of this conspiracy, and they couldn't do that with an oath that prohibited them from disobeying orders from Rakka's leaders. Astara, exhausted by numerous party deaths and the tenuous group chemistry, confessed to the party that she had risked her political career on creating this government-sponsored adventuring group and would do anything to make it a success. She explained how the rings were meant to encourage team unity and not enslave the group to the whims of the Rakkan government, so to assuage their concerns Astara agreed to modify the wording of the oath to focus solely on group cohesion.   For weeks Cig had suspected that Astara may be involved in the devilish conspiracy, but after Astara's confession he felt a little more at ease about trusting the Director as an ally. Cedar and Seraphina agreed to wear the rings, Giga still flat-out refusing and Cig waiting until the terms were updated. Astara left with her secretary Naamah to go meet with the aarakocra officials competing to fill a seat on the Rakkan military council, a fight between the establishment pick Gusty and the warmongering Birdie. Astara drank four cups of coffee over the course of the meeting.    With the meeting finished, that evening the group headed into the sewers of Rel-Avery to hunt down Gorf Sunko and collect the bounty on the bullywug  smuggler. Christopher Isherwood had spent the day scouting out parts of the sewer, saying he'd heard sahuagin-like sounds echoing down some of the reservoirs. With Cig's warg steed Fluffy in tow, the group descended into the subterranean sewer network.    The party spent half an hour moving down a steep ramp that led deep into the bowels of Rel-Avery. With Seraphina leading the way with her hooded lantern and Giga staying far in the back, the group found the source of the noises on the far side of a reservoir: a sahuagin wielding a barnacle-encrusted staff like the kind purchased by Zilocke from Gorf. A fight quickly ensued, a water elemental rising from the murky waters to attack the group and nearly knocking out Cedar (thankfully, she had put on Astara's ring and gained its 'Death Ward' benefit). Christopher fired off some well-placed shots at the elemental, Giga stayed by the entrance of the reservoir, and Seraphina and Fluffy rushed towards the sahuagin spellcaster on the far side of the reservoir. Cig assisted in the fight against the water elemental, and with some help from the giant toads summoned by Cedar the elemental collapsed back into the brackish sewer waters.    As the group inspected the body of the sahuagin and the surrounding sewer grates, they heard a loud splashing sound echoing down the sewers from where they'd first arrived...

Rewards Granted

  • Lilith Dracsthik left the party
  • Seraphina Cedarroost stole several common magic items, including a Cloak of Billowing
  • Each party member received 100GP in back-pay from Director Astara

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
25 Aug 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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