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EooD Session 15: In a Sunken Place

General Summary

Month 13, Week 3, Year 908
As the party investigated the remains of the sahuagin priestess, footsteps echoed down the sewers as a scruffy halfing man appeared at the entrance of the reservoir. Seraphina and Cig both hid from this newcomer, but instead of turning violent all the halfling did was talk to a spectral presence floating nearby. Noticing one of Director Astara's oath rings on his hand, the party stepped out of the shadows and introduced themselves to Xalix: an artificer and the newest addition to Rakka's Heroes/Cedar's Boys/Day Drinkers. During introductions Giga quietly left the sewers and abandoned the group: the adventuring life was proving too dangerous, and the gnome wizard would much prefer to study from the comfort of his old mentor's study.    Catching Xalix up on their investigation of Rel-Avery's sewers, the party continued its descent into the deepest regions of this vast tunnel network. It took several hours before the party made it to the end of the tunnels, a vast pool that stored much of the city's runoff sewage. The pool stretched out for hundreds of feet, Seraphina surveying the scene from her broom of flying while Xalix dived into the murky waters and made the acquaintance of an aggressive sahuagin. These sahuagin, though starved to the point of a desperate frenzy, were easier to dispatch than the one that had summoned the water elemental in the previous reservoir. Xalix decided to store the sahuagin bodies in his bag of holding while Cig surveyed the edges of the pool and noticed a ten-foot ledge on the right side of the pool.    The party made its way down the wider of the two ledges, Cig's worg steed Fluffy taking the rear as the group made their way towards the center of the pool. A couple of circular panels jutted out from the wall at the end of the ledge, and with a combination of Seraphina's crowbar and thieves tools the panels started turning to reveal a platform rising up out of the center of the pool. Stepping cautiously forward, the party discovered a small metal lid and a tunnel leading several dozen feet into some hidden sewer space. With Cig and Christopher taking the lead, they began to hear a voice chanting in Abyssal deep within the space's interior. Fluffy, unfortunately, had to be left on the platform due to his size.    This dark chanting grew louder as the party moved deeper into the sewer's interior, reaching the lowest level of the space and coming face-to-face with the bullywug smuggler Gorf Sunko. Draped in dark blue robes, he stood in front of an altar covered in runes glowing a deep blue. Xalix sent out some dancing lights to distract Gorf, and Christopher took the opportunity to fire off a well-placed crossbow bolt into Gorf's chest. A fight broke out as several sahuagin rose from the murky pool of water at the bottom of the sewer, accompanied by corrupted versions of sahuagin summoned from Gorf's altar in honor of the Sunken God. These sahuagin abominations had distorted faces and dozens of arms and legs, thrashing wildly at any adventurer that got too close. They did some damage to Christopher and Xalix, but Cig and Seraphina dealt devastating blows to the sahuagin forces while Cedar helped fend off the horde alongside Christopher. In a matter of moments Gorf Sunko was knocked out by a powerful blow from Cig, the sahuagin abominations defeated and the sewer space cleared of danger. Xalix found 100GP and some strange lion-shaped figurines in Gorf's robes, but with the unconscious body in tow the party made their ways back up to the surface of Rel-Avery.   It was an exhausting hike up the steep sewer ramp, but after several hours the party finally spotted the night sky overlooking Rel-Avery's clffside. The party reported their bounty to an aarakocra guard patrolling the docks that evening, the guard telling the party to report their haul to Cpt. Aidencob and making an off-handed remark about a fire earlier in the day. When Cig asked for more information on the fire, the guard explained how a fire had broken out in the office of the aarakocra politician Gusty's office, incinerating the establishment leader and all but ensuring that the warmongering Birdie would get a seat on the Rakkan military council.    Perplexed by the news, Xalix and Seraphina flew up to Gusty's office to investigate the fire damage while Cig and Christopher turned Gorf over to the Rel-Avery authorities. Cedar, exhausted by a long day of dungeon diving through city sewers, called it an early night and walked back to the Feather Pillow tavern.    Flying on Seraphina's broom of flying, Xalix and the halfling rogue made their way up to the scene of Gusy's gruesome death. Half a dozen aarakocra guards hovered outside the office window, but the two adventurers convinced the guards to let them inspect the room for a few minutes. Seraphina detected traces of magic in the room, but the room was so damaged that it was practically impossible to determine the source of the fire. The guards reported that the fire broke out at sunset when passersby wouldn't have noticed, and Xalix's investigating discovered that the room was desecrated by some unknown force. Xalix insisted on having a cleric sent over immediately to sanctify the room, but after a tense moment with the guards Seraphina defused the situation and took the artificer with her to go check on Gusty's body at the morgue.    Meanwhile Cig and Christopher met with Cpt. Aidencob at his garrison office, reporting their capture of Gorf Sunko and his ritual to summon the Sunken God's abominations. The party received the 2,500GP for the bounty on Gorf, including an additional 500GP for proving that the smuggler was involved with the cult of the Sunken God through tattoos carved into the chests of the sahuagins they fought. Over a couple drinks Aidencob explained the situation about Gusty's fiery death, the aarakocra theorizing that drow from The Verschow may be responsible given how their forces had incinerated several buildings out in places like Pelaios Ranch. With the reward money in tow, Cig made his way over to the city's clff-spanning elevator to meet with Director Astara at the Feather Pillow tavern. Along the way Christopher and Cig made some small talk about everything from the hunt for Gorf Sunko to the mysterious office fire, and the hobgoblin agreed to join the party on future missions as they prepared to venture into Rel-Kadrar. Staring out over the calm waters of the Arrayas Ocean, the two goblinkin pondered their fates in the last days of the year 900.

Rewards Granted

  • Giga Tron left the party
  • Xalix joined the party
  • The party gained 100GP from Gorf Sunko's unconscious body
  • The party gained two golden lion figurines from Gorf Sunko's unconscious body
  • The party received 3,000GP from Cpt. Aidencob for capturing Gorf Sunko

Character(s) interacted with

  • Christopher Isherwood - a hobgoblin sharpshooter with a penchant for gambling
  • Gorf Sunko - a bullywug smuggler who became involved with the cult of the Sunken God
  • Aidencob - the aarakocra captain of the Rakkan garrison in Rel-Avery
  • At least half a dozen aarakocra guards tasked with investigating the wreckage of Gusty's office
Report Date
01 Sep 2020
Primary Location
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