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EooD Session 21: Constructs and Chaos

General Summary

Month 13, Week 4, Year 900
With less than twenty-four hours to go before a potential coup and the start of a new year, Seraphina and Cig burnt the midnight oil after their meeting with the The Red Whisper. They met with The Shroud agent Gadreel and apologized about running away with the ledger, the tiefling reluctantly agreeing to help the party on their mission to infiltrate a Regulated Steel factory mentioned under Hedera's name in the ledger. Cig called it a night not long after, but Seraphina convinced Christopher to use 400GP to gamble around town and spread rumors about a potenial coup happening on New Year's Eve.   Meanwhile Seraphina had matters of her own to attend to. She met with the aarakocra owner of a shipping barge on the Vologases River, agreeing to sail the party out of town for a steep fee if things turn south. Before calling it a night, the halfling rogue flew over to Damakos' home to warn him about the conspiracy and Regulated Steel's conspiracy to cover up the diminished guard presence on the train Rakka's Heroes took into town. Seraphina finally got some rest as the sun dawned on the last day of the year 900, allowing her fellow party members time to sow chaos of their own in Rel-Kadrar.   First, Cedar took some of Seraphina's advice and tried to spark unrest in the mines surrounding the city to reinforce the rumors of a coup. She tried to perform some stealthy sabotages that would get the miners upset about working conditions under Regulated Steel, but she unintentionally triggered a mine collapse by casting 'Lighting Bolt' in an abandoned tunnelway. Ceilings collapsed and hundreds of goblins were buried alive, but the fairy druid escaped by transforming into a giant badger just as the walls began to fall. She morphed into a regular spider once she was safely above ground, making sure that the mine collapse had planted the seeds of unrest among the miners.   Meanwhile Father Eli was performing rabblerousing of his own just a few blocks from the Red Coals Inn. Attracing a large crowd of passersby with his powers of persuasion, he railed against corruption and tyranny by Rakka's elite to the point where the crowd was belting out the verses of a hymn by the end of his sermon. Confident that the impromptu revival would begin sowing the seeds of suspicion against Regulated Steel's leader Sammal, the preacher rushed over to the mines when he learned of the terrible cave-in that happened earlier that morning. With Criella's help he tended to the dead and wounded, compelling some nearby Regulated Steel agents to join the fray and help dig survivors out of the mine. Criella was visibly shaken by so much destruction, but she spent a few tender moments with Father Eli before returning to the temple of the Ageless One to prepare for the evening's gala.   Meanwhile Cig was making preparations of his own, checking in with Skalla-Grim Chio about repairs on Pino Chio and the nature of constructs (like the one he'd be running into later that day). Thrusk stopped by not long after to inform Cig about the morning's mining disaster, and with all of this new intelligence Cig headed over to the row of factories in the city's northeast to meet up with the Red Whisper. Cig was in a pensive mood as the year drew to a close, pondering what line of work he could take should Rakka's Heroes disband after tonight. The Shroud's effortscombatting interplanar entities fit well with his adventuring experience, but the Red Whisper remarked on how his stealth skills would be invaluable for a group like the Handgun.   Multiple futures circled around his mind by the time Seraphina and Christopher arrived at the rendezvous point to prepare for the airship heist. The hobgoblin sharpshooter had made a modest winning at last night's gambling halls, but the rumors of a coup were taking longer than expected to spread through the city (perhaps due to the mining disaster earlier in the day). Regardless, the Red Whisper laid out the final points of entry to the group and began to sneak inside the airship factory.   Dozens of silos towered over the factory floor, emitting loud metallic hums from the massive airship engines tested within. Two giant scorpions patrolled the factory floors, covered in thick coats of metal with razor-sharp barbs at the end of their stingers. The Red Whisper easily located the necessary airship plans, Seraphina scooped up a pile of blueprints, and Cig cast 'Locate Object' to gather together all the schematics needed for the Silver Beak to assemble an airship of their own. Miraculously the party escaped undetected by the metallic scorpions, breathing a sigh of relief outside as they regrouped back with Christopher. The Red Whisper promised to return with the party's earnings for the mission the following morning, overseeing the hand-off to the Silver Beak kenkus while the rest of the group moved on to their second factory break-in for the day.   As Cig and Seraphina plotted to infiltrate a Regulated Steel warehouse, Eli and Cedar donned their finest formalwear for the evening's gala. Astara and Naamah were decked out in matching dresses of glittering orange, giving the two adventurers a final warning about decorum at the gala and how the partygoers had control over the party's funding for the upcoming year. No pressure, even with a potential coup to worry about. Eli led the group over to the Ageless One to pick up Criella, who was wearing a magnificent dress of glamerweave that seemed to radiate several sets of golden wings. They made it through Rakka's military checkpoints without issue, entering Rel-Kadrar city hall and taking the elevator up to the top floor for the party of the year.   About half an hour away, Cig, Seraphina, and Christopher unlocked Regulated Steel's factory doors with ease and sneaked inside. The two small adventurers entered the factory undetected, but Christopher bumped into a suit of armor standing on display and caused the rattle to reverberate through the room. The sound was quickly drowned out by the desperate cries from the center of the factory, Seraphina recognizing the voice as that of Damakos. Another voice chimed in saying that the Damakos must be punished for fraternizing with Rakka's Heroes, a voice that Cig immediately recognized as party traitor Damon Kovel. Cig lunged from the shadows of the factory floor and dealt a solid amount of damage, his follow-up blow deflected by Damon's echo knight.   For a tense moment the two allies stared each other down, Damon eventually agreeing to a one-on-one match with Cig. Summoning his infernal glaive, Seraphina and Christopher held back as Cig entered a literal fight for his life.

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20 Oct 2020
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