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"Do you have any silverware?" -Pino Chio, 900, 4th Cycle
Crafted from mystical veins of ore discovered in the Katlan Mtns, the first generation of warforged were invented by dwarven artificer Skalla-Grim Chio in the waning years of the 4th Cycle's 9th century. Designed for warfare and defense, the warforged quickly showed intelligence beyond their programming and challenged many scholar's ideas of life and sentience. As every decade sees the crafting of a new generation of warforged, their programming and relationship to the world becomes more and more complex.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

As of the year 908, 4th Cycle, only a few dozen warforged exist in Pescaliat. With Skalla-Grim's approval a couple of warforged were purchased by the tiefling nation of Rakka to assist with dangerous missions, while the majority of warforged remain in the Free State of Thorvald's capital of Grettir. Experimentation has been slow, especially after Skalla-Grim became swept up in the fame and adulation of his discovery. His research assistants have continued to produce new warforged, analyzing years of data to create more and more complex models.

Civilization and Culture


A Blank Slate

When Skalla-Grim Chio announced to the world the creation of his first warforged, many scoffed at the idea of a machine capable for thought and free movement. But as his creation moved around the stage and performed basic functions unassisted, it quickly dawned on the audience that they were witnessing the first step into a new era of life on Ekal.   Funded with research grants by Thorvald's government, the first generation of warforged were designed for industrial and combat purposes with little consideration for their thoughts or feelings. As these warforged began to interact with the world around them, they began to develop to act and talk beyond the capabilities of their programming. It was as though the warforged were learning about the world through experience like most living beings, and researchers stood divided over whether they should encourage this free will or remove it from the programming.   Each warforged's relationship to the world is shaped by a combination of their programming and lived experiences. As more and more warforged enter the world, each generation helps to further mold the concept of a warforged's identity and culture.
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Proliferation: Very Rare   Stats/Rules: Eberron  


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