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The dwarven capital of Thorvald, Grettir is a massive stronghold carved into the interior of a dormant volcano. The city is renowned for its dwarven relics, exotic foods, and yearly fighting tournaments that attract challengers from all over the world.


  • 81% Dwarven
  • 9% Goliath
  • 3% Dragonborn (White and Red)
  • 7% Other Races


In 472, Thorvald Grettirsson traveled with his father and a small band of dwarves into the icy, uninhabited wilderness south of Glace. They journeyed for months, and when Thorvald's father died at the base of a dormant volcano it was decided that a stronghold would be built there in his honor. Thus Grettir, a city carved into a massive volcano, was born.   Although dormant for countless millennia, the dwarves of Grettir discovered a primordial fire elemental resting beneath the volcano. If awoken it would destroy the city along with half of Pescaliat, so every year a fighting tournament is held in the center of town as a sort of blood ritual to keep the elemental at bay. Centuries after Grettir's founding, the rituals have proven effective.   Despite the ever-present threat of total annihilation, Grettir has become an industrial powerhouse with its large population of skilled blacksmiths and armorers. Weapons and armor from the city are highly coveted, and some are even enchanted with celestial powers rumored to come from the nation's founder Thorvald. The city has also become a popular refuge from those escaping dark pasts or violent oppression in their homelands. So long as each man and woman can fend for themselves, locals don't ask questions about a newcomer's past.   While the annual fighting tournaments attract thousands of visitors every year, Grettir has plenty else to offer the wandering traveler. The Sturdy Stone Cafe, operated by retired adventurer Duke Mithril, has been rated as one of the greatest eating establishments in Pescat with a rotating schedule of performers and artists. For arcane scholars and researchers the town's library holds the largest collection of dwarven writings, some dating back to the early centuries of the 2nd Cycle. And of course, the annual fighting tournament is open to anybody foolish enough to fight a frost giant.
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