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Thorstein the Gray


A male dwarf and Allspeaker of the Free State of Thorvald, 825 - 925. The grandson of the nation’s founder, he came to power after Hekla’s controversial reign and became the kingdom’s first leader to be elected to five terms. He  oversaw a boom in Thorvald’s mining industry, forming trade deals with Rakka and Bahamut while maintaining Thorvald’s fierce independence. The Royal Knights Brigade met with him in 897 requesting use of the dwarven relic known as the Iron Flask to defeat the Sunken God ravaging the Elflands Empire. In return, the party agreed to fight in the Trials of Grettir against Giovanni Rosso's Sardivelian Brigade of Knights to see who could claim the Iron Flask for their own.

After winning his fifth election in 905, Thorstein became the first leader in Thorvald's history to serve as leader for a full century. After announcing that he would not seek a sixth term as Allspeaker, he endorsed Drencer Kilqiroth as new Allspeaker, helping to ensure the election of Thorvald's first non-dwarven Allspeaker.
Current Location
Year of Birth
584 347 Years old
Ruled Locations


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