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Sardivelian Brigade of Knights

A team of adventurers formed by nobleman Giovanni Rosso in 896 to compete with the Royal Knights Brigade quest to defeat the Sunken God. It was disbanded in 897 after a violent feud with the RKB's members left all of the SBK members either dead or imprisoned.


In 896 Giovanni Rosso came into the possession of an enchanted spyglass that revealed the true price of any nonliving item that it looked upon. Giovanni used this discovery to amass a small fortune in a matter of months, attracting a small band of fighters and adventurers to his side to challenge the authority of Paoli Piedmonte in Sardivelia.   It would've taken years for Giovanni to have amassed an army large enough to overthrow Paoli, but he believed he discovered a shortcut at a bookstore in Orem when the spyglass revealed a small book priced at 50,000GP. The merchant was only selling it for a couple of gold pieces, but as Giovanni skimmed the tome he realized that it detailed a method of defeating the Sunken God that was terrorizing the ruins of the Elflands Empire. A powerful dwarven relic known as the @Ironcould be used to contain such a monstrous deity, and Giovanni understand that anybody who could defeat the Sunken God would be celebrated as heroes for decades to come.   So his band of adventurers traveled south to the Free State of Thorvald to compete in the Trials of Grettir for a chance at winning the Iron Flask for themselves. These planes were complicated by the fact that Gameth's Royal Knights Brigade were competing for the same item to use against the Sunken God. This led to a violent final round where both teams fought Thorvald Grettirson's celestial form at the same time. Members of the SBK tried to play interference with the RKB like when Viola cast 'Charm Person' on Jax, but this plan backfired when Jax viciously slaughtered her in a barbaric rage. Bolin Chirp, the team's rogue, was killed by a divine shot from Thorvald and the RKB ended up landing the final blow to Thorvald's celestial form. The SBK failed to obtain the Iron Flask.   In the tournament's fallout the SBK formed a seething resentment towards Jax and the rest of the RKB. Nick the fighter saw Jax as criminally responsible for the death of Viola, and the group's newest addition already had beef with the RKB: Radovan the Killer. Jax got on Radovan's bad side when a meeting with Giovanni plunged into chaos, so together Nick and Radovan conspired to find a way to kill Jax once and for all. Despite Giovanni's insistence, the SBK abandoned all hopes of defeating the Sunken God and turned towards personal matters of revenge.     The SBK quickly sailed to Poroshenko to orchestrate a confrontation with Jax. While the RKB was exploring the city's sewers fighting sahuagin, the SBK burst into the party's rooms in the White Kraken tavern and stole the Iron Flask. They also took along Helena Lockmere and Asdis Loderr with them to use as collateral, certain that the kidnapping would be enough to convince Jax to meet them face-to-face at Kolya Bridge.   Sure enough, Jax and the rest of the RBK showed up at the Bridge for a swap, but the fight didn't go as expected. Jax used a pair of handcuffs to restrain Radovan at the start of the fight and toss him off the side of the Bridge, 230 ft down into the chilly waters of the Strait of Myltev below. Giovanni's hired guards quickly abandoned the fight, the dragonborn sorceror Rostam Dova was killed by Margaret Keats and Flora, and Nick was slayed in a one-on-one duel with Jax in a matter of seconds. Weak and incapacitated, Giovanni was carried back to Poroshenko by the RKB for further questioning. In a few weeks he was turned over to the Sardivelian government for plotting an overthrow of Paoli's regime, a broken man bereft of any powers or allies. His noble family would be massacred almost down to the last man by Paoli's forces to as Jax's Capaldi family was promoted to fill the noble role.


The SKB fell apart after a failed encounter with the Royal Knights Brigade at Kolya Bridge left Giovanni captured and its band of adventurers dead. Asdis Loderr reclaimed the dwarven spyglass from Giovanni, so there was no way for him to magically determine the correct price of items anymore. There are no official records of the spyglass' fate after the Battle of Kassadeia, but it's believed that Flora returned the spyglass to the Thorvald government after Asdis' death in the fight against the Sunken God's sahuagin forces.

896 - 897

Adventuring Party
Notable Members


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