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(a.k.a. Jax the Relentless, Jackson Capaldi)

A barbarian fighter and leader of the Knights of Yo-Na. Born into the noble Capaldi family of Sardivelia, for years he was raised by orcs in the Northern Territories after his ship wrecked on its way to Craxi. They taught him to harness the nature deity Yo-Na's power in combat, making him unstoppable against nearly all forms of damage. As a heroic member of the Royal Knights Brigade during its campaign against the Sunken God in 897, after being removed from the party due to accusations of bribery he moved to Gameth's wilderness and founded a tribe of druids and barbarians serving the spirit guardian Yo-Na.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a minor noble family of bodyguards and mercenaries in Sardivelia known as the Capaldis, Jax was destined for a life of adventuring. He sailed off to Craxi at a young age to start his training in the family trade, but a storm left him shipwrecked in the Northern Territories far from any of his countrymen. A tribe of orcs adopted him as one of their own, and for years he journeyed with them and learned their ragelike fighting style. Years of meditation helped Jax unlock the powers of the nature deity Yo-Na, a spirit known to take the form of a bear and imbue her followers with supernatural strength and resistances to nearly every kind of attack.   Jax left the tribe in his 20's to test his strength and see more of the world, finding himself in the Elflands at the outbreak of the Characters revolution in 896. He sympathized with the revolutionaries after seeing the way orcs were oppressed in the Empires, and by that fall he was helping defend the city of Thork from a weekslong elven siege until Characters forces could be rescued and moved to Hedgpeth. A few weeks later he was assigned to a special team of fighters in Hedgpeth following the death of Amara Fireheart.   Amara was a hearty drinker who was always quick to prove her strength, so Jax had big shoes to fill in the party after her death. Despite these high expectations, Jax proved to be a ruthless fighter capable of absorbing ridiculous amounts of damage and eliminating waves of enemies in a matter of seconds. Yo-Na's spirit protected him from most kinds of damage, except for the effects of psychic attacks used by several mindflayers and aberrations. With Adam Divisav's brute strength and Wilbur Whately's eldritch, the three of them paved a path straight into the heart of the Elflands Empire   Jax was with this team of revolutionaries at the New Year’s Massacre of 897 in Kassadeia, defeating the white dragon version of Bianca Avon and wrestling with Characters leader The Mariner when he revealed himself to be an agent of the Sunken God. Jax was just a few feet away from Empress Ophelia when she was killed by the resurrected wight version of Amara, but with Elan's help he pushed the wight out of a window and delivered the killing blow to the Mariner.   He escaped to Kanara with Medraad's help along with the rest of the party as a horde of the Sunken God's sahuagin stormed the Globe Palace in Kassædeia. He later traveled to Gameria where he was offered a formal position on the Royal Knight’s Brigade by Queen Astrid Nestorius to one day return to the Elflands and defeat the Sunken God for good. While in Gameria he received a sizable bribe from Paoli Piedmonte to spy on the RKB in return for protecting Jax's relatives in Sardivelia from abject poverty. At 500GP for every update on the RKB's whereabouts, Jax would've been a fool to refuse such a generous offer despite his loathing towards Paoli's manipulative tactics.   Jax's voyages with the RKB took him to four different countries as the party obtained a legendary dwarven relic known as the Iron Flask that could contain and defeat the Sunken God once and for all. Along the way he slaughtered an entire family of giant spiders in Castle Faouzia, killed Cpt. Tarkov at the Battle of Chernenko, slew the demigod version of Thorvald during the Trials of Grettir, and tossed the party's itinerant rival Radovan the Killer off of the ancient Kolya Bridge. Jax's barbaric powers made him a fearsome opponent for anybody who dared crossed paths with him, and the great axe Redemption granted to him by Roland Fireheart proved to contain numerous magical powers and abilities that gave him the upper hand in every encounter. Jax's powers kept him safe from even the strongest attacks dealt by his foes, but these same powers were incapable of defending his allies against devastating encounters like when Gleb killed half of the Castellan II's crew during the Gleb Invasion.   Jax's years spent with the orcs of the Northern Territories made him a formidable fighter, but they failed to give him the political skills needed to make allies and form coalitions. In Grettir he plotted to overthrow Paoli's Sardivelian regime with the help of Giovanni Rosso, but the plan fell apart when he violently attacked Giovanni and his bodyguard Radovan in a failed attempt to keep his promises to Paoli. He formed an intimate relationship with the RKB's field officer Helena Lockmere, but when he admitted that he was taking bribes from Paoli she explained how he would have to be expelled from the RKB as soon as the battle against the Sunken God was complete. Helena managed to resolve many of the diplomatic crises caused by Jax's actions, and with her reluctance for combat the two balanced out each other's strengths and weaknesses as a couple.   In Poroshenko Jax came into conflict with Giovanni and his hired fighter Radovan the Killer once more as the nobleman's forces kidnapped Helena and the Iron Flask demanding the death of Jax. The fight was quickly resolved after Jax tossed Radovan off the Kolya Bridge in a set of handcuffs, and Giovanni was turned over to Paoli for a swift trial and execution. Jax only agreed to hand over Giovanni because Paoli promised to restore the Capaldi family to its former greatness, but the entire deal left a sick taste in the fighter's mouth. True to his word, the Capaldis became one of the great noble families of Sardivelia, but only after Paoli massacred every living member of Giovanni's Rosso family.   Conflicted by these experiences alongside visions of disapproval from his spirit guardian Yo-Na, Jax decided to abandon his family name on the outskirts of Noggin and fully embrace his connection to nature through Yo-Na. Fully blessed with Yo-Na's powers, he helped to defeat the Sunken God at the Battle of Kassadeia in the winter of 897 and became one of the most famous heroes in the world. While many of the battle's survivors continued working for the RKB, Jax was removed from the organization entirely and decided to travel to the wilderness of Gameth to found a tribe of barbarians and druids to defend the continent's wilderness in a style befitting a champion of Yo-Na. For years the tribe was only a small band of wanderers, but time after time the tribe proved its power by slaying hordes monsters wrecking havoc on the wilderness. Jax and Helena's relationship only lasted a couple years after the Battle of Kassadeia, but they still remained close friends and would sometimes exchange adventurers with each other depending the problems facing Gameth.   In the 4th Cycle's tenth century he became a virtual warlord in Gameth's central plains and woodlands, a powerful faction that could operate independent of Queen Astrid's royal government. When his Knights of Yo-Na sided with the Hakonians protesting for better environmental protections, Astrid could do little but accede to the demands or face a violent uprising in the heart of her kingdom. Jax's following continued to grow, and with his extended dwarven lifespan he'd be a thorn in the side of the Gamerian monarchy for decades to come.

Wealth & Financial state

Shipwrecked fighter that became a badass barbarian.

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Chaotic Neutral
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Year of Birth
870 58 Years old
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