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Kolya Bridge

An ancient bridge that used to connect the continents of Pescat and Liat during the Myltev Empire of the 2nd Cycle more than 4,000 years ago. It was destroyed in the Ostry Apocalypse of the early 3rd Cycle, but the bridge was so massive and well-constructed that its remains can still be seen on the outskirts of Poroshenko to this day.


Kolya Bridge towers 230 ft. above the waters of the Strait of Myltev, massive arches supporting the segments of the bridge still standing. The bridge stretches three hundred feet into the Strait before ending in ruins, but thrill-seekers can see the easternmost corner of Pescat from atop the bridge. At the bridge's entrance stand two weathered statures of tieflings draped in imperial garments, scholars have debated over who they represent for decades.


Modern History

For centuries the bridge has served as a tourist attraction for traveling merchants and as a safe haven for pirates hiding from vengeful rivals. Notably, Kolya Bridge was the site of several adventures in the Royal Knights Brigade's storied history.   In the last week of 874 Roland Fireheart and Elan Quinn traveled to the southernmost tip of Myltev to confront Argus and Arthur the Undying, two members of the the Court of the Undying who'd survived Valdemar's defeat at the Battle of Stockton Keep earlier that year. The two planned on escaping the continent of Liat and hiding somewhere in the vast continent of Pescat, but Roland and Elan were able to stop their escape at the bridge's edge. After Argus was hacked to death by Roland's legendary weapon Redemption, the paladin offered his brother one last chance to abandon his studies of necromancy and return home in one piece. Arthur refused, and Roland had to deliver the killing blow to his last living relative.   In the fall of 897, the Royal Knights Brigade returned to Kolya Brigde to settle an old score with Radovan the Killer, Giovanni Rosso, and their Sardivelian Brigade of Knights. The group had stolen the RKB's Iron Flask that they were taking to the Elflands to defeat the Sunken God along with the group's allies Helena Lockmere and Asdis Loderr, and Radovan insisted that they would only get the Flask back if they turned over Jax Capaldi for him to kill once and for all. Radovan insisted that anybody who attacked him would end up dead, and Jax's revival in Grettir made a mockery of that philosophy.   A fearsome battle ensued, spells thrown on both sides as each team's fighters delivered resounding blows. Jax, tired of Radovan's singeminded pursuit, grappled him into a pair of handcuffs and had him tossed over Kolya Brigde into the frigid waters 230 ft. below in full plate armor. Most men would die from such a fall, but Radovan wasn't like most men.
002, 3rd Cycle
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