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Capital city of Avicenna in the southeast corner of Liat. An ancient city full of ruins, it was turned back into ruins by the Avicennan War and the Fairouz Terror of the 870’s. In the decades since it's become a fishing town with plenty of Sardivelian investment helping it to rebuild. For the past few decades it has also served as the headquarters for the anti-occult organization The Shroud.


  • 89% Human
  • 4% Kalashtar
  • 1% Elven
  • 6% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • The Shroud - a secretive organization tasked with investigating and eliminating cults all over Pescaliat. Their headquarters is disguised as a chain of cigar shops near the center of town, helping to stimulate the local economy and maintain a low profile. 


Kanara is one of the few cities on Liat to predate King Cosmere Nestorius' conquest of Liat at the start of the 4th Cycle. Records from the 3rd Cycle described Kanara as a sprawling metropolis where a dragonborn oligarchy ruled over a diverse population of everything from gnomes to tortles and even bands of wandering tabxi.    After the founding of Gameth the oligarchy was overthrown and many of the city's races expelled from the city, forced to relocate to the Elflands Empire and its oppressive regime. A wave of human settlers settled in the territory of modern-day Avicenna, tinkering with inventions left behind by the region's gnomes to become one of the most technologically advanced regions in Gameth. When Komene Avicen established the kingdom of Avicenna in 376, the region's geography provided the capital with near-impenetrable defenses: the Nestorian Mtns. barred invasion from the north and its inland location made a naval campaign difficult, leaving only a rugged stretch of land in its west as the only means of invasion.    These secure defenses allowed research and innovation to flourish in Avicenna, leading to the creation of incredible technologies like airships decades before any other kingdom in Pescaliat. The time seemed right for an Avicennan invasion of its longtime rival Gameth, but its military leaders didn't anticipate an attack from within its capital city. Evil forces under the control of the lich Fairouz the Undying laid waste to Kanara's downtown in the year 875, forcing thousands to flee the city and destroying much of the region's manufacturing capabilities. After the Avicennan War ended with the loss of significant amounts of Avicennan territory and the emigration of its most talented engineers to Gameth, Kanara became a ghost of its former greatness with blocks of hollowed-out shops and factories.    Some have seen an opportunity in the post-war destruction to create industries favorable to their interests, particularly Sardivelia and its generous campaign to rebuild the ruins of Avicenna. While no longer on the cutting edge of technological innovation, Kanara's factories are now being used to manufacture entire fleets of Sardivelian shipping vessels to reach the furthest corners of the globe.   Conversely, unexplained phenomena have afflicted the city ever since The Shroud made the city its headquarters in the early 880's. Locals have complained of headaches or strange feelings when moving through certain parts of the city, but the Shroud's leader Medraad Le Fey has assured the city's residents that these symptoms shouldn't be seen as a harbinger of worse to come. Whatever creatures are contained at Shroud HQ, Kanara's locals better hope that they never break out.
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