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A small farming town about a week's journey west of Gameria. A massive fire in 874 led to a massive rebuilding effort that transformed the city into a vital trading hub between Sardivelia and Gameth.


  • 94% Human
  • 1% Elven
  • 1% Gnomish/Halfling
  • 4% Other Races


As Gameria's population grew to become one of the largest metropolises in Pescaliat, a reliable source of food was needed to maintain prosperity and security in the region. Westmont was charted by Queen Stella Nestorius in the 4th Cycle's first century as the breadbasket for Gameria, harvesting fruits and grains from all over the Amber Plains and distributing them to the residents of the capital. Farming in Westmont has often been a grueling job, but Gameth's rulers have established a compensation program for the bad years that could threaten a farmer's entire livelihood.
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