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A town close to the geographic center of the kingdom of Gameth. Known as a transit hub for merchants and travelers, the city is famous for how little of an impression it leaves on its visitors.


  • 77% Human
  • 11% Elven
  • 1% Tiefling
  • 11% Other Races


As Gameth solidified its control over the continent of Liat, a settlement was needed to ensure reliable commerce and trade across the empire. Midworth's present-day location was chosen for its location in a valley away from the Nestorian Mtns (at the time of its founding, the mountains were still a source of significant source of unrest between the Gamerians and the dragonborn).   Even as parts of the empire split to found the kingdoms of Sardivelia and Avicenna, Midworth maintained its reputation as a central hub for continental trade. The fastest route from Gameria to Oakengaard went straight through Midworth, even with competition from Sardivelia's sleek line of shipping vessels. As Gameth industrializes in the modern Midworth has had a bit of a renaissance as linchpin in the kingdom's trans-continental railroad, ensuring ore from Ravi makes it way to Gameria for refining.
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