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CoS Session 14: Going Out in Fog

General Summary

  • The ship that was supposed to smuggle out rare books from Gameria's National Archvies arrives at the city docks
  • Fallworth’s officers are there at docks to arrest and interrogate crew
  • Aldo does some shopping for some new weapons, finds some flaming arrows for Gen. Boua's longbow
  • After some searching Aldo finds a frozen ice blade from Pescat for 300GP
  • He also reads a lot more of Romance of the Five Kingdoms
  • Roland checks on Magnus to see how fighting pits (they’re working on it)
  • One day Aldo runs into Stickbeard, an old goblin from the colony he was raised
  • They head back to tavern, catch up about life since the colony was razed
  • Roland stops by, learns about Aldo’s past and trauma
  • Stickbeard’s been searching for person who razed village
  • He met someone in Westmont who knows where he is, needs backup
  • So the party agrees to go check out lead with Stickbeard
  • Before that Aldo gets super wasted at a longshoremen tavern
  • Stickbeard gets a little tipsy too
  • Roland and Aldo make it to Westmont, Nikolaj stayed behind in Gameria to do more heists for Assaj
  • Roland remembers it as the place where Catriona and him began journey
  • Stickbeard points out tavern, tells them the informer is inside
  • Valdemar’s inside
  • Doors lock behind them, Roland and Aldo are forced to have a chat with Court leader
  • Whiskey’s offered, but Roland smashes bottle
  • Valdemar tries one last time to encourage party to join Court
  • Their methods are necessary to save world for a new era
  • Shows party that even Catriona is being tempted to join in Hakon
  • Why fight when you can be part of something greater?
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, Aldo and Roland refuse
  • Valdemar, somewhat disappointed, vanishes in blue-yellow flames
  • Summons Masden, the man who led the raid on Aldo’s colony
  • Roland takes some damage, but he manages to slaughter Masden
  • Aldo takes final vengeance, burns Masden (and tavern) down
  • Afterwards Aldo and Roland confront Stickbeard
  • Aldo punches him, but it looks like Stickbeard was just a pawn in Valdemar's game
  • They both give him some GP to go and start new life
  • Aldo’s sullen, but relieved that he can close this chapter of his life
  • They leave that evening
  • The tavern fire’s spread, they don’t want to be implicated
  • Party goes to tell Fallworth about their meeting with Valdemar
  • They leave part out about starting (deadly) tavern fire
  • Nikolaj has been making hella bank stealing items for The Handgun
  • Catriona is still in Hakon, and the situation between Gameth and Avicenna is getting tense
  • Lots of small border skirmishes, and a Gamerian captain had her ear cut off by Avicennan vessel!
  • Roland helps Magnus set up the new fighting pit (named Shank’s)
  • He does a lot of fighting on opening night, wins 75GP
  • Aldo considers meeting with Gen. Boua, so he meets with an Avicennan spy named Kemal about where to meet her
  • Boua's near the Gamerian border, so Aldo could try seeing her if he’s discreet
  • Aldo’s not discreet, he tells Roland about plan to go see Gen. Boua
  • Roland thinks they should go tell Fallworth about his plan
  • Wouldn’t he love to get the extra intel Aldo could provide?
  • Fallworth doesn’t like the plan
  • They already have a ton of spies tracking Boua’s movements
  • He’s alarmed that Aldo is acting like an Avicennan sympathizer
  • Fallworth fires Aldo, can’t have treasonous agents on Gamerian payroll
  • Aldo doesn’t leave gently
  • He casts fog cloud in Fallworth’s office, jumps through window
  • Fallworth’s pissed, blacklists Aldo and sends out guards looking for him
  • So Aldo has to flee the city
  • He’s not paid by Defense Ministry anymore
  • Will meet up with the party in a month outside of Gameria
  • Aldo escapes, Roland and Nikolaj spend more time together I guess
Report Date
08 Dec 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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