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A small shipping village on the Avicenna/Gameth border. Named after Cosmere Nestorius, the first king of Gameth, who legend has it first set foot on the continent of Liat in this town. The Avicennan War  of 874 started here when an Avicennan warship was bombed off its coast.


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Despite Cosmere's legendary namesake, the fishing village kept a low profile over the course of Gameth's storied history. The town never grew larger than a few thousand people at its peak, many seeking more lucrative work in either Gameria to the west or Kanara to the east.    Despite its relative obscurity the denizens of Cosmere managed to eke out a living, even during tense years of conflict with neighboring Avicenna. Fearing total annihilation by the Avicennan War of the 870's, Cosmere immediately surrendered to Avicenna and would stay under foreign occupation until the destruction of Kanara during the Fairouz Terror  Cultists working for the lich Fairouz the Undying sometimes terrorized the village, but they were pushed back by mercenary adventurers like Prichard Hawkins. When the Avicennan War ended with a total rout for Avicenna, Cosmere was pleased to return to decades of peace and modest prosperity.
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