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A small town a few day's journey east from Gameria. A coastal town renowned for its vibrant fishing waters, Eastwood provides Gameria with much of its seafood and raw shellfish.


  • 92% Human
  • 1% Elven
  • 7% Other Races


As its name would suggest, Eastwood was originally founded as a lumber camp to supply the high demand for building materials in the capital of Gameria. After centuries of deforestation and urban sprawl, little remains of the verdant woods that used to dot the coastlines of southern Liat.    Rather than abandoning the settlement altogether and relocating to Gameria, Eastwood's inhabitants adapted and focused on exploiting a new resource: seafood. Pirate raids from Myltev made obtaining good seafood a risky but lucrative proposition, a challenge that Eastwood's residents couldn't pass on. Even with a decrease in piracy from Myltev under the reign of King Nikolaj Baratov, Eastwood's seafood industry has become world-renowned for its taste and quality.
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